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    Robert R.

    server: Windows 2008 (not R2), set up as a terminal server

    This is VMware virtual machine that was created from a Physical to Virtual (P2V) process.

    The physical server is PSCSTERM.AD

    The VM is PSCSTERM.DEV , but for various reasons, it is set up so users access it with the name PSTERM.DEV

    I created a certificate request for PSTERM.DEV , and successfully installed the certificate. I also set up Terminal Services to use the PSTERM.DEV certificate.

    When I Remote Desktop into PSTERM.DEV, everything works fine.

    However, when I log into PSTERM.DEV a second time, the old certificate for PSCSTERM.DEV , which I had deleted, re-appears. This results in an error when I try to log in using the name PSTERM.DEV.

    When I Remote Desktop by I.P. address, the certificate warning messages shows that the certificate is issued to PSCSTERM.DEV

    Deleting the certificate for PSCSTERM.DEV just repeats the cycle.

    Why won’t the certificate stay deleted?

    Robert R.

    Re: Certificate Won’t Stay Deleted

    Rather than waste any more time troubleshooting the problem, we just decided to rename PSCSTERM.DEV to PSTERM.DEV within Windows.

    Problem solved.

    Since there haven’t been any complaints so far, it appears that no applications were dependent on the server name.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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