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    8 Days Later!!!
    I have read all the sites and forums troubleshooting on exactly what is happening to me but I have found no real solution. I know the problem. I just can’t get it setup correctly!!
    Exchange needs IVP6. I get through all the pre-requirements and requirements and domain prep… failure after failure and I know it is IPV6.

    I am a comcast customer and they automatically provision IPV6 through to their compliant routers even if you don’t want it. There is no way on my router to turn it off so my computers get an IPV6 address from comcast whether I want it or not.
    I can enable IPV6 on a DC and a proposed exchange server 2016 computer (Windows 2016) but it get a preferred IPV6 from comcast.
    Even if I “”try to make static”” IP using a conversion web page for the static IPV6 values and they register as link-local they are ignored by DC and AD.
    Both the DC and the Exchange windows 2016 are Hyper-V VMs.

    Has anyone on this planet been successful getting Exchange 2016 installed on Windows Server 2016 with DC and Exchange server as Hyper-V clients and Comcast and IPV6?
    Begging for help



    I have not met this before, but I am sure Exchange can cope with a public IP address somehow.
    What failures do you actually get?

    As a thought – if the Comcast router is the issue, consider putting Exchange (and the rest of your domain) behind an additional router, completely under your control (roughly equivalent to having the internal and external devices with a DMZ)

    Alternatively, have you tried setting up Exchange while disconnected from the Comcast router? There are some timeouts / warnings for CRL checking, but no issues doing it.

    Finally, have you tried discussing this with Comcast – you are unlikely to be the only business facing this, so they may have their own solutions (I am not a Comcast customer, so have no idea what sort of support they give, but my ISP, once they know I am talking technical and understand my side of things, will fall over to help me with comms issues.


    If you get a spare couple of weeks Tom and you need a laugh or cry or both at the some time, have a read of Comcast Support Stories,

    SteveDL, I feel your pain at having to deal with Comcast about your IPv6 issue. Ossian’s suggestions appear to be the most pain free ones to try first.


    First thanks for the replies. Here are my thoughts.
    1. At this point I cannot justify more hardware. I do have it but I do not believe this will correct all the issues I am having (see last comment)
    2. Comcast support has been contacted by many others as I have read their experience in posts. Bottom line, Comcast will not change an individuals IPV6 without a business account which is a lot of money and still do not see this correcting everything.

    3. I tried ”

    [SIZE=13px]setting up Exchange while disconnected from the Comcast router?”. The actual beginning of the installation need connectivity to the DC so just disconnecting from the router will not work by itself. I happened to have a switch so I connected my VM Host to the switch and disconnected the switch from the router and this satisfied the connectivity issue.
    Guess what! Installation was a success. I saw the command center and exchange powershell window …… till I rebooted… and then back to exchange 2016 hell and that is without being connected to the router. Certificate invalid and exchange powershell errors that were the same as before. All I am sure from IPV6 . Reconnected to router and this just furthered the IPV6 issues..

    In 20+ year of IT administration support and engineering this is the only installation I cannot get setup. Microsoft should have had an alternative mmc for configuration and troubleshooting.

    Thanks all. I am leaving the exchange 2016 for another day but not anytime soon. [/SIZE]

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