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    Hello, I’ve very slow internet at my home, but my office has huge 3 x 16Mbps DSL connections. Is it possible to connect to my office internet to have fast access from my home? I do have DSL modems and I also have phone line too, Is there anyway to create VPN kind of thing to achieve my office’s internet speed at my home? Is there any way??
    Thanks in advance.


    Re: Can I create my mini ISP?

    Ultimately the VPN will have to go over your existing internet “pipe” so you are unlikely to see any better speeds than you get already


    Hi…you can do this. I in fact did it. I used windows xp pro. All i did was set my modem to allow remote connections. then I set “share the internet connection” I then dialed up and it was working just as though i was pluged into my home network. however, this xp pro compuer was my home “server” and assigned all of my ip addresses. this took a great amount of configuration. my sugestion would be to allow the computer to accept “remote desktop connections” and they dial into the computer using a “remote desktop connection client” which you can downlod for free at microsoft.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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