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    I have inherited a network and need to figure out why I am losing bandwidth while connecting to a radio. I have a Cisco 3550-24, which is connected to my network by fiber. It then connects to a Netgear switch (FS726TP) by a piece of fiber also. The radio on the roof is connected to the Netgear. The radio is pointed to another building, ( a quarter of a mile away) which has an anternna on it.I have a computer that is connected to both the Cisco and the Netgear. The computer connection to the Cisco gets me out to the internet. The connection to the Netgear gets me to the radios.The Cisco has a public IP address, the Netgear and the radios have a private IP address. There is no QoS or any other traffic shaping on the network, or the switches. When I do a speed test on the computer, I am getting very good speeds (between 92 and 70 Mbps, up and down), but when I do the speed test on the other end of the radio chain, I am only getting around 7 Mbps download and 15Mbps upload, when I should be getting 10 Mbps. The radios have been set for 40MHz bandwidth and maximum power. Both switches have the same VLANs on them, and I am going to be testing with another computer to verify that I can get out

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