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    Hello All,

    I am the IT for our company’s small 20-30 workstation network.
    I have 3 Servers, one of which is the DC, which contains all of our networks PST Files.

    I am trying to change how we use our PST files, but i do not really know where to start, nor do i have an ENDGAME plan. Both of which i need to figure out before I start. Our network has far too much traffic and i believe this is one of the causes. We are constantly running into hangs and errors, usually fixed by a simple reboot.

    Also, some of our employees have PST Files that are 13GB+ in size. From what i understand, the bigger they are, the more vulnerable to corruption they become. What i would like to do is setup each individual with a OUTLOOK FILE folder(as it already is). In this folder, will be the current PST File, with a max of 2GB per file. I would like to Auto Archive to a folder on the network. If done correctly, maybe then i can have the Archive files backed up, with only the local PST in danger. This is NOT IDEAL. I want everything backed up.

    Ideally, I will have everyone running a Local PST File with a limit of 2GB, as well as some sort of backup for all of their PST files.

    Any and all advice and opinions are welcome and appreciated!
    Thank you

    James Haynes

    Re: Backup PST Files used locally

    do you have an exchange box on site or are you using hosted mail service?

    if so, i think its much easier to manage email with ex over outlook pst’s (yuck!)

    depending on your line of work, there may be retention requirements that you must meet. situations like this require alternatives to pst files and such…

    i used GFI back a few years ago and it cut out PSTs and allowed all the email to be stored in SQL dBs that rolled over and still left a link in their outlook for old stuff.


    Re: Backup PST Files used locally

    We are currently using hosted Email through We have had quite a few issues with them, mainly spam and lockout issues, which clear up after a few hours.

    I am under the impression that we have an unlimited retention requirement. I would like to keep these files.

    Possibly after we get our PST/Email system to where we want it, I will try to find out a legitimate retention period

    The GFI PST Exporter looks like a utility that i am looking for. Something to take my large files and organize them. Though, I am still not sure exactly how it works.

    Does this process take away the possibility of continuing to use the PST Files?
    Seems to create database files that may make it difficult to use Outlook. That being said, I have almost no experience with implimentation of an exchange server. I do have a consultant that would be the manager of the project if we decide to go that route.

    Just some information to help you understand my situation:
    Our company may be moving/merging with another company. Said company is supposed to have a “very up to date system” as my employers will put it. I have not been able to get my hands on information on what they actually have, nor have i been able to see any of it. Even so, I am guessing they will have an Exchange Server.

    All that being said, at this point i am definitely not looking to put in an exchange server, not yet anyway. I would like to get my PSTs organized and in smaller form, In hopes if/when we move it will be a much simpler project than moving 15BG files.

    Any and all advice and opinions are welcome and appreciated!

    Thank you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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