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    Hello all,

    I could really use some assistance with this situation as I am not sure how to proceed and I do not want to make things worse.

    This is actually a pretty simple setup……

    One Domain with just two servers…. a Windows 2003 server (Dellsvr1) which was the Primary Domain Controller and a Windows 2008 server (Dellsvr2) (with service pack 2) which was setup as the Backup Domain Controller.

    The Windows 2003 server (Dellsvr1) crashed because TWO of the eight hard drives failed. It was setup as a RAID 5. I have file by file backups and I also made images of it. So, I was able to get this company going again by installing their database apps onto another system for right now. But I can not get either image to load …. And that is a long story itself.

    But where I am at right now is the Windows 2008 Backup Domain Controller (Dellsvr2) failed to promote itself properly when the Primary Domain Controller died.

    And I am stuck with an Event ID error of 1864. I just do not want to make matters worse so I thought I would ask for advice before proceeding.

    Please see the attached results of the DCDIAG that I ran on the Windows 2008 Backup Domain Controller (Dellsvr2).


    There’s no such thing as a PDC or a BDC. If the server holding the FSMO roles has crashed and can’t be recovered then you need to sieze the FSMO roles to the other DC. You’ll also need to reconfigure the time service on the second DC to sync time to a reliable external time source. Also make sure that the DNS client settings on the second DC are correct. It should use itself for primary DNS and it should use for secondary DNS. **DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECONNECT THE FAILED DC TO THE NETWORK.**


    First…….Thank you very much for your reply Joeqwerty (smile).
    I’m trying to get back to this company as soon as possible so I can continue with this issue.
    But I wanted to at least reply and let everyone know that this is still a work in progress.


    Keep us posted.


    Hi Joe, Just to be on the safe side I downloaded, installed and configured the newest version of Acronis for servers. And I made an image. So now I have both a file by file backup AND a full image. I have thirty days to use it. This company wont buy it for the $499 that Acronis wants but at least it made a good .TIBX file…… just in case. I scheduled the repair of Active Directory and I am now on my way to this company. I am going to seize the roles following:

    And then I am going to remove the old Primary Domain Controller following:

    Oh….. and don’t worry be happy (LOL) I absolutely positively will NEVER reintroduce the old Primary Domain controller after I seize the roles.

    As long as this all goes as planned we will at least have one domain controller. Which is a REAL server with redundant power supplies, redundant NICS, a hardware RAID, external USB backup….. running Windows standard server 2008.

    Then I will have to propose to the CFO that they purchase another domain controller so I can set it up as a spare.

    Thank you VERY much for taking the time to assist me. I will keep you informed.


    If the DC that held the roles as the “PDC”, and it failed, you would sieze the roles using ntdsutil.exe. If it is a single domain without any remote connections, put GC on both servers in case one fails. Hope this helps.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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