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    Hi guys,

    Did anybody install Autodesk Mechanical 2007 on a Citrix server? Does it work? What are the steps?
    Thank you very much.



    Re: Autocad on Citrix

    We managed to install it but it works only for Administrators. I ran “regmon” and “filemon” with no success. Any help will be very appreciate.
    Thank you.


    Re: Autocad on Citrix

    I dont see the logic to use this software on TS.
    Autodesk may have some solution to your problem, but the
    load on the server can lead to move to regular desktops.


    Re: Autocad on Citrix

    Hi Yuval,

    I don’t see the logic either. But “somebody” wants me to get that working.
    Autodesk doesn’t support their products running on TS/Citrix and, anyway, it’s just for minimal/rarely use(just in case some of my field engineers needs it bad).
    We’ll see…
    Thank you for the replay.


    Re: Autocad on Citrix

    Hi guys,

    Fixed that problem, too. You can use one of these two utilities that work with all the applications.
    If you want something better check this one:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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