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  • naresh.ynn


    can some one please help me to write script for below requirements.

    we have one internal application and below is the scenarios.

    1. Login application with username and password.
    2.if working fine the log off the application.
    3. if not working need to send mail for particular user.
    4. this has to repeat every 15 min.

    application is running in windows server. please help me.


    Really we need more details about the application to be able to help. Steps 3-4 are easy, a scheduled task using PowerShell or a CMD file, but logging onto the application is harder because we don’t know about it

    For example, can it be launched from a command line with credentials, or is it a case of clicking on a dialog and typing?

    Have you asked the application vendors about this – they would probably have better ideas than we do?
    Is there some other way of checking if the application is running, for example a service?


    Hai Ossian,

    thanks for reply. it will be better launching from a command line with credentials. application is businessline1 sap application fro small business. they are not providing these details.

    please help.


    Sorry, SAP is something about which I (thankfully) know nothing! I am surprised that they will not support you, but do they have their own support forums?


    Hi Ossian,

    may be i am not able to explain properly…

    just try script for below scenario.

    open web browser with one link and login with credentials. if login successful then logout. if not send mail to particular mail id.

    please try for thus scenario.


    No, you didn’t mention the browser at all previously. From a quick google, adapting the following should help you:
    Open IE and log in
    (note you will need to get the correct names for the elements in your login page)
    Send email:
    Lots of choices –

    Obviously all this will need some tweaking and adapting to your circumstances, but it should get you there

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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