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    Hello everyone,
    First of all I hope this is the right forum, could not see one that is more appropriate for this kind of thread.
    I just got released off the army (I live in Israel) and now it’s the right time for me to start doing my way into the IT field which I always felt like i need to be in :idea:.
    I have a several years of experience with computers, mainly the hardware part of assembling computers up, nothing more than that really (well, the regular basics…).
    I am kinda confused, and not sure how things works, where to start, which path to go… networking, security, web devlopment, 3d moduling, etc etc… so many different directions… I am 21 years old and I don’t want things to get late for me as I am not experienced and want to start studying A.S.A.P…
    I just hope I didn’t get you more confused than I am :-x, would like to hear your comments and of course I will reply to them and I might end this with knowing what I am going to do.
    P.S, I intentionally mentioned that I am from Israel, maybe things “works” differently around here, that’s something I am not sure of either.

    Thank you very much, for now.


    The biggest issue is what you’re passionate about: hands-on fixing (technical bent) or creating something new? If you’re more technically-minded, then networking may be your ‘thing’, because it deals with (among other things) copper, fiber and wifi connectivity, the sizes of the pipes that pass the traffic, and the rules that govern how that traffic flows (security). If you like to create things, then scripting/programming/web development would be the discipline to get into. Ultimately in these days, security applies to pretty much everything, but the technical side and the development side really should be done to work together. A lot of emphasis these days goes to cloud-based storage, etc., but even those clouds have some technical aspect to them, because they are, themselves, collections of server farms/datacenters that require physical intervention. Ask yourself what you liked or hated about the hardware experience you’ve had so far, and what kind of fun you wish you could have at work, and go from there.


    davidlee, check your PM. If you have a discharge payment, this can be used towards IT course(s). (Forgot to mention that in the PM, sorry.)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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