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    We are a small company with an old Dell server running Windows Server 2008 R2. We have ordered a replacement server and I am hoping to migrate the domain controller and DNS roles to a VM on the new machine. We can then wipe and upgrade this old machine and use it for something less critical – maybe a backup domain controller.

    I am hoping someone can point me to a decent guide, or provide some general advice about path I should take or pitfalls to avoid.

    I work as a developer and have a pretty high comfort level in Windows Server. But I have never moved a dc or dns to another machine.</p>

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    Generally, I have added a member server to the existing domain, then promoted it and installed ADDS. DNS can be installed as part of that process. Move FSMO roles to the new DC after you are sure the directory has replicated properly and that DNS is working. Make it a Global Catalog server as well. Migrate any other roles from the old to the new (e.g. DHCP, Remote Access).

    Make sure to update DHCP with the new IP of the preferred DNS server. Edit any router NAT entries that were pointing to the old server. Once you are certain everything is on the new server and the clients will refer to it for DNS, switch off the old one and see what happens. If you encounter any problems switch the old one back on, fix the issues then switch off and test again. Once the new DC can run on its own without any issues on the network for several days you can then backup, gracefully remove ADDS, demote, wipe and upgrade the old server.

    Russell Smith
    Russell Smith

    You could use ADMT to migrate objects to a new domain. But I would use the method Blood describes unless there’s something very wrong with your current directory.

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