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    I did a bare metal recovery on our server about a year ago and had some really good notes on how to add the drivers when the bare metalsystem recovery doesn’t see your disk. Ive since moved and cant find them anywhere, Ive now come to need them and have forgotten the process. I seem to remember having to use the command prompt to add the drivers within system recovery then when I go to restore the recovery media sees the disk – any ideas please? I tried adding the raid card drivers at the system restore point but I still get an empty box when it says select an operating system to restore.



    A clue which product this is for, please?
    SBS 2003/2003 was (IIRC) press F6 and supply the relevant floppy, but you may be using a different version….?


    Sorry – its for SBS 2008. The RAID card is a dell h700 integrated currently on the WIndows complete restore screen I can click advanced and add drivers if I tell it which RAID card to use it still comes back empty in the “location” “Most Recent Backup” “Computer” screen so I cant click next.

    I think the instructions I used where on an SBS 2008 bare metal recovery guide but I cant for the life of me find it.


    My mistake Ive found the documentation and that was for restoring a backup from a network share. Im still unable to load the drivers for the raid card though I thought it was just a matter of pointing it to the correct inf?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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