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    hello folks,

    About ad sites, would work on an infrastructure as shown in the image below?

    The subnets (public IP) for communication is different on each others, of course. :D



    That appears to be separate domains as well as sites – I would ask yourself if you really need them (main reasons are either separate password policies – negated to a certain extent with FGPs – or totally separate admin teams), and if you do not, have 4 sites in a single domain

    As long as you have reliable VPN links between sites, no reason why it shouldn’t work


    hello Ossian, thanks for the reply! :D

    I work in an institute of public education. Only doubts about an infrastructure that has been around for a long time and that we would like some connection between them through an AD. We have services that are in the rectory that are of interest to the other campuses and so I asked the question about the AD sites.

    Our rectory or main campus at the top of the hierarchy and after that the campuses. Today each one has its infrastructure without being connected to another campus via the AD structure. What we would like is that the campuses could have access to the AD of the rectory.


    campus 1:
    campus 2:
    campus 2:

    Each campus is in a different city. I do not see anything wrong with names.

    Would you have other infrastructure recommendations?



    Analyzing our infra, I believe that it is best to use “trust” because sites will not work, because the domains are not in a forest and because they are different domains between our campus
    In my recent tests I was able to perform the configuration of trust relationship between two distinct domains in different locations.
    Thanks! :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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