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    When my scanner stopped functioning properly and I was told I should buy a new one, it turns out that all it needed was a new power supply/switching adaptor/AC-DC adaptor (different names for the same thing)…..! The same has happened now with my external hard drive. Many hardware manufacturers seem to supply their products with cheap adaptors.

    My ext. HD required a 12V-2A adaptor. I have received conflicting views on whether a stronger 12V adaptor (e.g., one which can handle 5A) would be OK–or even better. One technician says it could burn out the HD by over supplying, while the more-reliable-sounding technician says that the HD knows to take only how much it needs and that a stronger one is sturdier, will be working with less stress, and will probably last longer….The 5A one appears to me much better made and has a lot more seals of approval from various international boards.

    1. Is there a danger in using the 5A adaptor?
    2. Would a power surge affect the HD differently with the different adaptors?

    Many thanks for any help,


    Re: AC/DC Adaptor for external hardware

    The 5A means it will handle upto 5 Amps. If you got a 1A unit then it could result in a burnout since it would be under constant load by not delivering the required amperage. The 1A unit would be running very hot.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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