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    Hi everyone!

    i have an sbs 2003 with exchange 2003 sp2.

    I can see, through Exchange system manager, that the total of the mailboxes is about 7 gb but my priv1.edb is 21gb and my priv1.stm 20 gb. A total of 41gb.

    I run esetutil integrity check and didn’t find any error. I tried offline defrag but it didnt shrink.

    can somebody advise me what tot do, or maybe someone knows something i don’t.

    Thank you for any response


    Re: Abnormal Exchange database size

    Someone else who thinks that the size of the database should equal the size of the store.

    This is not the case.

    ESM only shows part of the mailbox size. It is not the complete size.
    In this article, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/828070/, under More Information it states

    The 16-GB size limit for the Exchange private mailbox store database and the 16-GB size limit for the Exchange public mailbox store database is the sum of the size of both the Priv.edb and the Priv.stm files. When you view the space that a mailbox uses in Exchange System Manager, the amount only includes the space that is used by the Priv.edb file. The amount does not include the space that the Priv.stm file uses.

    When you put a limit on a mailbox, you only limit the storage in the Priv.edb file. You do not limit the storage in the Priv.stm file. For example, a mailbox may appear to use only 250 MB of space in Exchange System Manager, but the total space that the mailbox uses may be 450 MB. This difference occurs because the 200 MB of space that the Priv.stm file uses does not appear in Exchange System Manager.

    Furthermore the store physical size will also contain white space. You can see this using event view, looking for event ID 1221. The amount of “free space” is the white space in the store. If you don’t have any white space then the store would not shrink after doing an offline defrag.

    Finally, check your deleted item retention and backup settings. If the server hasn’t been configured correctly then the database may not be releasing the white space from deleted content. A setting on the database can be set to not remove the content permanently until a backup is complete. Therefore check the backups are completing correctly and ESM is reporting that the backup was completed.



    Re: Abnormal Exchange database size

    Thank you for your help.

    I’ll check all that !

    Thank again

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