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    About 3 weeks after my last exam and I have just emerged from 70-698 (Installing and Configuring WIndows 10) which I got at a very reduced price as part of the “Cloud Incentive” for MCTs.

    2 hours, 57 questions, but a new twist on the exam. The first 9 questions were “Yes/No” choices where you had a situation and asked whether a solution met the requirements. All OK, but you could NOT go back once you had done one of those questions, raising fear and doubt and apparently there to stress me out.

    The remaining 48 questions were conventional, mainly multiple choice with some “fill in the blanks from a drop down list”. There were quite a few on storage spaces, but the rest were a complete mix.

    Study materials – the 20-698 course and delivering the 10982 “Troubleshooting” course a couple of weeks ago.

    Oh yes… the result… .passed with 918

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