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    This exam has been on the back burner for over two years – I narrowly failed it in Jan 2016 (stupid system with multiple sections that you must pass individually, so one 694 blew away two 800s :( ). Got a second shot and have been putting it off again and again ever since, mainly due to pressure of work and lack of time to get to a test centre.

    So today the moment finally came, and I trundled back to a test centre after a massively long break.

    3 sections, 150 minutes and 55 questions. First up was advanced configuration, with a pile of clustering and IPAM questions. Then Administering, with a grab bag of AD and such like, and finally Installing, with 20 questions all over the place.

    I did my usual strategy of a quick run through each section, then a slower review, a final review of flagged questions and then…. click the button for the next one.

    Final result – pass, with a scraped 700 on the first section, 800+ for the second and a slightly disappointing 740 for the third. Overall result is the lowest of the three, but 700 is a pass and that’s all I needed.

    I’ve taken the plunge and just booked 70-698 (Windows 10), taking advantage of a 75% MCT discount on “cloud” exams until end June, so about 3 weeks and then back in.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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