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  • Kobe 310

    I’d like to get some advise on replacing (Updating) my 2008 DC/DNS to a 2016 DC/DNS Server

    Should i set up a new DC/DNS Server on a different subnet, then once done, test with a couple servers to make sure it runs fine, then power off the old and change ip addresses of new to the old, or
    Set up new DC/DNS on same subnet add DC/DNS Server to an existing forest, and then turn off the old.
    Something different



    IMHO the second – AD & DNS is old and stable enough to “just work” so adding a new DC / DNS server to the existing domain then gracefully removing the same services on the old one will work fine.

    Note, don’t just power off the old DC – retire it properly

    Kobe 310

    Thanks Ossian

    Ossian;n512097 wrote:
    Note, don’t just power off the old DC – retire it properly

    So even though i add the new one to the old one, i can properly retire the 1st, and it won’t affect the 2nd even though it was added

    From what i watched, to properly remove…. In Remove Roles and Features, and remove the services is all i saw on the video for demotion, but not sure if there’s a catch since it was the first DC&DNS….If what i said makes sense.

    Sorry, little nervous about doing this! i do have a backup, just don’t want to have to go that route.

    Kobe 310

    the reason i was nervous was because everything i watched and read said nothing about where to point the dns of the new server to in the tcp properties. so i pointed the new one to the old one, joined the domain, and then promoted the new server to a DC/DNS. It copied everything from the old server to the new server. I then pointed the new servers dns to itself, and also pointed my main TS’s dns to the new one. Everything seems to be working ok.

    Going to wait a day, and then retire it properly.


    You want to cleanly remove the old DC / DNS from AD, so uninstall the roles (after – as you have done – making sure things seem to work first)
    I recommend:
    Run in the new DC for a day or two
    Shut down the original DC (to check things still work OK)
    If they don’t, bring back the old DC and troubleshoot
    If they do, bring up the old DC and UnPromo / remove DNS

    If you just shut down the old DC, it will leave traces in AD which require a metadata cleanup

    Kobe 310

    Awesome, Thanks again Ossian!!!

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