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    I have a DFS server with around 1500 replicated folders. I am currently adding Replicated Folders to this hub server and the amount of time that it takes to create the MembersConnections with Powershell is taking over an hour each. Am I doing something wrong? Also, it takes over an hour to just refresh the DFS Management console. If I manually create the Replication GroupFolderMembersConnections the process is relatively quick, within 30 seconds. This doesn’t make sense. Help!

    Powershell commands:

    New-DfsReplicationGroup -GroupName $DFSName | New-DfsReplicatedFolder -FolderName $DFSName | Add-DfsrMember -ComputerName $DFSServer, $ServerName
    Add-DfsrConnection -GroupName $DFSName -SourceComputerName $Servername -DestinationComputerName $DFSServer
    Set-DfsrMemberShip -GroupName $DFSName -ComputerName $ServerName -FolderName $DFSName -ContentPath $Files -PrimaryMember $True -Force
    Set-DfsrMemberShip -GroupName $DFSName -ComputerName $DFSServer -FolderName $DFSName -ContentPath $DFSServerRepFolder -Force
    Set-DfsrGroupSchedule -GroupName $DFSName -ScheduleType Always


    Pretty sure this is due to PowerShell working directly with AD and it taking the time to replicate around the network.


    Then why does it take longer now then it did in the beginning? My script used to fly through list of servers with no issue until I got to about 500 Replicated Groups. I dont think it should take an hour to create on group when the same process done manually through the console takes seconds.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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