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  • Hello everyone, I am a newbie; this is the first time on any site at all that I am posting on, so please bear with me. On my test network I have server 2000 SP4 with 5.5 SP4 exchange with another 2000 server also a domain controller, and a member server 2003 with exchange 2003 and some XP clients? What I did was migrated 5.5 to 2003 exchange, I did forestprep and domainprep and installed the ADC tool and made all the proper connections and moved my mailboxes to 2003 and mail is still working fine, SO FAR SO GOOD, now this is where I am getting lost, I want to break my connections and make new ones on 2003, and uninstall ADC and demote 5.5 exchange, I have all the KBs . Can someone please tell me the proper order and proper way on how to do this?? Thank you very much. Mike