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  • Hello Jeremy this is Snipero
    i saw one of ur replies here and its the same issue i am dealing with n my work now
    this is ur reply:
    (( You want to rebuild your AD structure, correct? Is this because the 2000 AD is a mess? How many users do you have?
    You do realize that if you build a new forest you will need to set permissions on all shares again, join all the computers to the new domain, and all users will need their data copied to their new profiles (or their old profiles copied to their new users).

    I just want to make sure you know what you're getting into. If you can clean up your existing AD structure then there would be a lot less work involved.
    All you would need to do is add the Win2k3 machine as a DC (additional DC in an existing domain), transfer the FSMO roles to the 2k3 machine, turn off the 2k machine for a couple days to make sure everything is running good then turn it back on and decommission it.))

    and i have the same issue now iam thinking to make a new domain n a new forest cuz my pld 2003AD is mess
    so is that good option if i make it two trusted domains between my old and new one ?
    or should i go as u say up there ?
    or can i make it additional domain then clean it but i really dont know how 2 clean it without effecting on the users plz help me on this and thanx n advance