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  • VPN from ASA 5510 and RV215W problem

    Dear all,
    I'm triyng to configure a Site -to-Site VPN without success from ASA 5510 (static public IP) and RV215W private ip (connected to 4g router with dynamic public IP).
    I cannot see UP the VPN.
    If I try to ping from "ASA network" I see only "IKE initiator...
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  • Multi-Site | Recommendation Needed for Upgrades and Migrating to Hybrid IaaS

    Background Information

    I was contacted by one of our local clients here in SoCal to assist in resolving some issues the company was having when connected to their HQ up in the Bay Area. About a year ago, the President invested around $35K to resolve some of these issues, however, he is...
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  • awesomeo3000
    started a topic Slow transfer over SSTP VPN

    Slow transfer over SSTP VPN

    Hi All,

    I have set up a SSTP VPN using Server 2012 R2 RRAS.
    It's running as a VM on a Hyper-v server also running 2012 R2.
    It's setup with NPS on the VM too, and authenticates using PEAP.
    The VM has only 1 NIC (it's a test setup) and this is connected to a 10gb...
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  • Tomecole
    started a topic VPN not working

    VPN not working

    I installed 2012 R2 essentials and need remote access. RemoteWebAccess works just fine but the VPN service does not. It appears to me that the setup wizard for RemoteWebAccess and VPN are the same process.
    Any idea if there are other things I have to do to get VPN to work. I would offer more...
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  • firemedic555
    started a topic How to join to local/seperate LAN's

    How to join to local/seperate LAN's

    I have two companies sharing office space. They each have their own Win/AD server running all but DHCP, this is handled at the router. They each have their own router and dedicated fiber connection. For "proprietary reasons"... the outgoing traffic for each company MUST remain separate;...
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  • Blood
    started a topic VPN connection adaptor not keeping settings

    VPN connection adaptor not keeping settings


    One of our staff has just started to use a VPN to connect to our network.

    She is using a laptop with Windows 8 and had problems a week ago when she first set it up. She bought the laptop in to work and when I checked it I noticed the security settings for the encryption...
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  • alamb200
    started a topic PPTP VPN Termination problem

    PPTP VPN Termination problem

    I am trying to set up a PPTP VPN for one of my sustomers but I am really struggling with it.

    My network setup consists of the following:

    Netgear Router doing NAT
    SonicWall Firewall (unregistered and arguing with SonicWall now)
    Windows 2012 Essentials DC...
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  • Cannot browse W2k8r2 shares via VPN


    When I establish a VPN connection to a W2k8 R2 server I can use remote desktop but am unable to connect using My Computer. When I type \\servername or \\IP Address or \\servername.domain.local\sharename Windows reports that it cannot find the name/address. I have setup a lmhosts...
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  • Talinc
    started a topic Site to Site VPN

    Site to Site VPN

    I appologize if this is posted to the wrong section, new to the forum.

    I have a case with 3 locations where
    London has a VPN is connected to NewYork and NewYork has a VPN connection to Tokyo. (fake names...)

    The firewalls I have is SonicWall TZ200

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  • Can RADIUS client shared secret be blank?


    When setting up NPAS and the RADIUS client (a TP-Link router used for the gateway) for remote connections into the network, can the shared secret be left blank? The router is quite basic and while port forwarding is available, the option to enter a shared secret is not.
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  • fakhrul.coy
    started a topic [help] pptp vpn in cisco 1841

    [help] pptp vpn in cisco 1841

    what's wrong with my configuration PPTP VPN in cisco Router 1841 Series

    error message from win 7 to vpn client

    configuration :
    version 12.4
    no service pad
    service tcp-keepalives-in
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  • How to configure VPN in Router cisco 1841

    please anyone who can help me to setup a vpn server cisco.

    device cisco router 1841

    because my konfigure not work Link= tny[dot]cz/5434cae8
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  • MarkJones
    started a topic Additional dc in remote site

    Additional dc in remote site

    Hi Everybody,

    What are members thoughts on the following.

    I'm going to a site soon which has already got a server with 2008r2 domain setup(this domain is not used very much) lets call it DOMAIN.LOCAL.

    I wish to remove this DOMAIN.LOCAL....i'm not concerned about...
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  • Windows 2003 Server not mapping drives

    I am in a situation where I am running Windows 2003 on a virtual machine (VMWare). The VMs are small and their only purpose in life is to house one of our customer’s VPN clients and a 5250 emulator if necessary. I have a new requirement from 2 of our customers to map a drive on a server in their network....
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  • VPN Connection to Server 2008 Stopped Working

    We have a Server 2008 R2 SP1 server which staff VPN to in order to access the file shares from home or when traveling. The server is a Domain Controller in a multi-DC single domain environment, and sits behind a Cisco router which is connected to the Internet. The server has an internal IPv4 address,...
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