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  • Spuddy
    started a topic Two Subnets, VoIP, one physical LAN. Help!

    Two Subnets, VoIP, one physical LAN. Help!


    This is probably quite trivial but I would like some assistance. My company has a single physical LAN with unmanaged gigabit switchs, 4x 48-port switches to be precise.

    Now everyone and everything is plugged into these. We have a AD 2008 domain setup with provides DNS...
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  • randywhite30
    started a topic Voip call slows network

    Voip call slows network

    My company has decided to move the phone system over to VOIP and now I have a problem that I am not sure what is wrong.
    I have the production network on the I have created another network on the router to put the IP phones on. When I place a call IP phone to IP phone...
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  • Jud Aster
    started a topic Why Wifi does not work, VLAN problem?

    Why Wifi does not work, VLAN problem?

    Hello and thanks for reading!

    We have two different Internet providers in the office. We use one of them only for the VoIP. In the switch (Cisco 3560) I have 10 ports in a different VLAN (phones, PBX and the Internet router). The problem is that I want to use this router as the WIFI access...
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  • lel_chavez
    started a topic dot1x Authentication

    dot1x Authentication

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me. I am trying to implement 801.x port security in my network. In our switch ports we have an IP AVAYA phone connected and a workstation connected to the IP phone. I enable dot1x authentication on the ports specifying the data vlan and the voice vlan....
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  • Cisco 1811 Site-to-Site IPSEC VPN Setup with Windows 2003 Server and VoIP

    I have two sites, each with their own Cisco 1811 routers (IOS 12.4) and Windows 2003 SP2 domain controllers. I am able to tie the two sites together with an IPSEC VPN tunnel. When I use the command:

    show crypto ipsec sa

    It comes up as running. The problem is the remote...
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