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  • sedky
    started a topic Setting up DHCP for SG300-10 VLAN

    Setting up DHCP for SG300-10 VLAN


    I have a Cisco SG300-10 switch. The switch has L2/L3.

    I setup 2 VLANs 100 and 200 and setup the switch to Layer 3 mode. Is it possible to have the switch act as a DHCP server for each of those vlans or I need a real router to assign the DHCP addresses?

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  • vishnuanilkumar
    started a topic Website


    hey all,
    My name is Vishnu,
    I am working on a project, a website.The website is intended for people with base networking knowlege but wants to refresh the commands.
    I am hoping for some suggestions & recommendation.

    ]with warm regards...
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  • Problem with inter-vlan routing on Dell 6224 switches

    *** FIXED ***

    Ok, I'm having a problem with some inter-vlan routing, and I think my brain has just frazzled today from trying to resolve it...if anyone has any advice on solving this, or can point out my schoolboy errors, I'd be greatly appreciative!

    Here's the configuration:...
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  • Unable to create VLAN in cisco 3750 switch


    I m unable to create vlan id such as(256) in one of our cisco 3750E, IOS 12.2(53r) SE2. The exact error msg is as follows:
    "VTP VLAN Configuration not allowed when device is not the primary server for the vlan database".
    The switch shows 'Server' in the 'sh...
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  • colinged
    started a topic Esxi 5.1 configuration question

    Esxi 5.1 configuration question

    Hi everyone,

    been a bit of a lurker in the petri community and have found it an amazing help with a variety of things! I was hoping someone could help clear some questions I have - I apologise if they are silly or are obvious but I have tried to get my head round it and I do not have a...
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  • wrathyimp
    started a topic IP address range to VLAN

    IP address range to VLAN


    I need to assign a range of ip address to VLAN; I need to a have two VLANs for my wifi users, on the same subnet ( So I will configure my AP with two SSIDs with two VLANs. SSID MNGR will be having ip range between - and SSID USRS will be having...
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  • Nyamka
    started a topic subinterfaces and vlan Cisco

    subinterfaces and vlan Cisco

    I'm new to cisco. I achieve to build one easy system on Packet tracer. let me visualize
    our topology.
    There are 4 routers and they are directly connected to one switch and that switch
    is connected to one router (--->). I believe you can imagine my topology....
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  • ldev
    started a topic Vcenter from another domain to ours

    Vcenter from another domain to ours

    We have a sister domain we just took over and need to add their vcentre to ours. Whats the process to do this?

    we have the vlans communicating
    they are using load balancing and HA we are not
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  • ping hsrp gateway from svi

    Hello people,

    This is no doubt a simple one however cant work out whats wrong..

    I have a switch to switch connection.. looks like this should be attached..

    I cannot ping the standby ip from the top switch...

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  • 3750 switch connected to 3945 router

    Hi Guys, Please be patient im very new to networking in general.
    Have a 3945 router sitting at client site with 10mb connection to datacenter.

    Ge0/0 pointing inside to client network. RIP routes distributing fine.
    (show ip route output is good)

    Ge0/1 ip:
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  • Jud Aster
    started a topic Why Wifi does not work, VLAN problem?

    Why Wifi does not work, VLAN problem?

    Hello and thanks for reading!

    We have two different Internet providers in the office. We use one of them only for the VoIP. In the switch (Cisco 3560) I have 10 ports in a different VLAN (phones, PBX and the Internet router). The problem is that I want to use this router as the WIFI access...
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  • Squigy
    started a topic NEED HELP - Optimize LAN

    NEED HELP - Optimize LAN

    I have a project with which I would like some professional help or suggestions. I have a LAN that is made up of the following components.

    1 Cisco-LinkSys RV042 Router (Dual WAN connections - Internet/VPN)
    3 Cisco-LinkSys SRW2024 Switches
    1 VOIP Modem
    1 Windows...
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  • Jud Aster
    started a topic LAN setup advice, VLANs?

    LAN setup advice, VLANs?

    Hello and thats for reading my post,

    I have the following network appliances to setup my network:

    1 x 24p Cisco 3560
    1 x 24p Cisco 2950T
    1 x 8p Cisco 2960
    1 x Firewall Zyxel USG300 (gateway to internet)

    I have to isolate the production environment...
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  • purefog
    started a topic catalyst 2950 vlan problems..

    catalyst 2950 vlan problems..

    hi guys, i am having a problem with the vlans in a router-on-a-stick configuration.
    i have 2 extra vlans configured (plus the native vlan 1) and a few ports assigned to each, with the problem being that every time i bring one of the vlans up using a "no shutdown" the other vlan currently...
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  • HulloSon
    started a topic VLAN Procurve

    VLAN Procurve

    I'm a bit confused about VLANs on a Procurve 4208.
    I want to create a tagged (802.1Q) vlan across 2 switches.
    Do the ports connecting the switches need to be tagged as members of the VLAN and any other tagged VLANs I may want to create? I thought trunk ports could see all VLAN's,...
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