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  • Vista network issues - non-accessibility of shared resources

    Hi All,

    I have a workgroup based network that consists of around 30 PC. All of them using MS Client OS like Windows XP (x86/x64), Vista (x86) and 7 (x86/x64). Since it is a workgroup setup I have used a PC, with a name 'Central' with Windows Vista (x86) in it and designated it as the central...
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  • paulvild
    started a topic blank screen on bootup after login

    blank screen on bootup after login

    - What Operating System and Service Pack level are you using?
    Windows Vista Home Prem sp2
    - Are you in a Workgroup or in an Active Directory domain environment?
    I do not believe so, I am the admin
    - What are you trying to do?
    I am trying to boot up as fast as possible....
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  • Resetting the local admin user in Windows 7 and Vista machine domain wide ?

    Hi Everyone,

    I've got Windows Vista and Windows 7 deployed on my network and I have created custom username called "sysadmin" as the default local administrator username in both version of Windows. How to reset the local admin password of those deployed workstation companywide...
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  • chriswebb18
    started a topic VSTS 2005 on Vista Bus. x64

    VSTS 2005 on Vista Bus. x64

    Hi there, can anyone help me out with this? I have been working on it for quite some time and can't seem to find an answer anywhere.
    I have a Vista Business 64-bit laptop with
    Vista SP1
    Vista SP2
    SQL 2005
    SQL 2008
    VS Pro 2005
    VS Pro 2008
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  • compucure
    started a topic Vista and DHCP
    in DHCP

    Vista and DHCP

    Question: I have three laptops all connected wirelessly. Two of these work perfectly

    and the ipconfig throws up the exact right info:


    Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

    Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : home
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  • Office 2007 Sp2 on Vista sp1 versus SharePoint

    I have a problem with Office2007 (build6524) on VistaSP1 and SharePoint. When I edit especially Excel file placed on Sharepoint portal, everything is ok until I change it a would like to save on Sharepoint portal. When I saving Excel crashed. Sometimes files saved something no, but everytime...
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  • torcar
    started a topic Slow logon to domain profile while not on network

    Slow logon to domain profile while not on network

    I have a laptop with Vista SP2 and a domain profile. (2003 AD)

    Problem is this:

    When I'm at home and logon my profile it takes a seriously long time to logon the profile. I logon to the same domain/profile but the difference is that the computer is not connected to the domain....
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  • doxenberg
    started a topic Exchange tabs in ADUC

    Exchange tabs in ADUC

    Running 64 bit Vista (SP2) I would like to have access to the Exchange tabs just as I had when I was using my XP Workstation. I located several posts, both here and on the Internet at large describing the procedure for copying five or so .dll files from an Exchange Server, along with the...
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  • imagodei
    started a topic RSoP and WMI problems

    RSoP and WMI problems


    I have several Vista clients in SBS2003 domain and they all have one problem in common: WMI queries from server or other PCs to Vista clients do not work.

    For example. I want to see Resultant Set of Policy on Vista clients. When I start RSoP wizard in GPMC at SBS2003 Server...
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  • manny
    started a topic Vista DOMAIN Network Drop out Problems

    Vista DOMAIN Network Drop out Problems

    Hi Guys, Just a quick note to share the fault and solution I discovered with VISTA Sleep and Domain Network Drop Out problems.

    When Vista goes to sleep and you press the keyboard to wake it up it seems to authenticate with the Domain by using the ACTIVE NIC MAC Address. If you are using...
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  • Windows Vista Firewall; Block an application from using a specific port?

    Hello all,

    I'm trying to configure a Vista Ultimate x64 machine. Ultimately I'd like to block a certain application from communicating on a certain port. Namely port 80. The app needs to communication over some ports, but not all of it's possible ports. Unfortunately, the app itself cannot...
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  • Phoenix Person
    started a topic Vista Screen Saver Won't Activate.

    Vista Screen Saver Won't Activate.

    For some reason, my screen saver doesn't activate when my computer isn't in use.

    Any ideas?

    (If there is already a topic on this that I overlooked, please post the link to that topic here)...
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  • How do I give MYSELF permission to delete my own files, when I am the ADMIN?

    I am trying to delete McAfee from my computer because I installed ZoneAlarm (which took me 5 hours, thanks to McAfee deleting it for some reason), so it is no longer needed. So, I search for McAfee on my hard drive, and what I haven't been able to delete comes up:

    When I try to...
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  • sorinso
    started a topic 70-620: Been there, done that ...

    70-620: Been there, done that ...

    Only 871, but given the fact that it was my first cert exam ever, I'm bloody pleased!!
    Now it is clear for me that for the next exams I will need an WinServer 2008 machine (for this one I just relayed on my year-long Vista experience, but I still got simulations for things never used during the...
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  • sorinso
    started a topic Vista versions comparison

    Vista versions comparison

    IMHO, the best comparison chart of differences between the different Vista versions:
    For all those interested.
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