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  • itninja1510
    started a topic Roaming Profiles - server 2008R2

    Roaming Profiles - server 2008R2

    Hi guys,

    I got roaming profiles deployed using AD profile path. not using folder redirection.

    Profile all saving in a server- network shared folder. inside the folder, for each user, it has many versions. what does it mean ? why it is creating many versions ? is it ok to delete...
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  • prevent Home based PCs from roaming profile GPO

    Hi guys, I've got a toughie here for anyone that is willing to help, I appreciate your help in advance. Thanks you very much. Now here goes...

    Our domain has predominantly Windows 7 desktop clients, We have windows Server 2008 DCs. For some users who are permanently based at home, they...
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  • Migrate Roaming Profiles from 2000 to 2008

    Hi All,
    I'm struggling to find an solution to migrating XP roaming profiles stored on a W2K server onto our new x64 2008 R2 server.

    All users (85 total) use Win XP and roaming profiles.
    As much as I dislike roaming profiles, there are various business reasons why I need to...
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  • watguy
    started a topic Migrating XP roaming profiles to Windows 7

    Migrating XP roaming profiles to Windows 7

    In the past we have always migrated XP roaming from one machine to another with no problem. Now we are deploying W 7 machines and since users have roaming profiles it builds the .V2 file but none of the data moves or shows up on the W & machine. The Windows Migration tool works but there has to...
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  • Camouflage
    started a topic GPO Roaming Profile

    GPO Roaming Profile

    Hi guys,

    I go strait to the question as i am totally lost...

    Im trying to configure Roaming Profile for users in a specific Group.
    Two thing i found were:

    "Add the Administrators security group to the roaming profiles"
    "Set roaming...
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  • 802.1x authentication with dynamic VLAN and roaming profiles

    Hi everybody!

    I have a problem implementing 802.1x authentication in a LAN.

    Hosts and users should be authenticated by a Radius Server. According to the user / machine group, the port on the Switch should be changed to the corresponding VLAN. The Client PCs are...
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  • custom paper size and roaming profile on TS servers


    I have a Win 2003 R2 terminal server farm that is configured to use roaming profiles. Depending on the printer, I have to use a custom paper size. Right now, when the user logs on the first time I have to log on as administrator and configure their printer: set available paper...
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  • Several questions about WinServer 2008

    Hello there

    I am fairly new in Windows Server series and I am trying to manage a Windows domain in our company. My background on servers depends on Linux-based systems, but in my opinion Windows handles some crucial components more complex than Linux. Therefore, I have stuck in some...
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  • Deleted files come back - roaming profiles

    Hey guys.

    Running into a bit of trouble here...

    I have a 2003 AD with XP clients.

    I run roaming profiles, but I have not enabled Folder Redirection yet... (I have taken over this AD from a former administrator)

    The problem now is that the profiles...
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  • Getting administrative rights on roaming profiles folder

    Hey guys.

    I'm new to the forum, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for som guidance

    I have a 2003-server enviroment with AD, and I have rolled out a GPO to gain access for administrators to the roaming profiles folders on the server.
    I have used the administrative...
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