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  • ingram
    started a topic RAID 5 - How can I find disk with bad blocks?

    RAID 5 - How can I find disk with bad blocks?

    I have a RAID 5 setup using a perc 5/i raid card in a dell poweredge 1900 server. There are 3 disk. There are 2 partitions on the raid virtual disk. Using Acronis Disk Director, I shrank the d: partition successfully, and attempted to expand the c: partition. I got an error that the following error:...
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  • RgGolbraich
    started a topic Raid 5 Recovery

    Raid 5 Recovery

    Hello everyone,

    I need urgent help to recover RAID 5 fault.
    I have Gigabyte MB with Intel Matrix Raid, my system is Raid 5 with 6 WD Black 1 TB HD. Yesterday i get SMART error from disk 0 and then disk 3 been fault.
    I cant get access to my files and i cant rebuild the raid....
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  • srdjan
    started a topic PDC crash - no backup

    PDC crash - no backup

    Good morning everyone.
    I've got a server for repair. It is in a very bad condition - there are several problems which need to be resolved, there are hardware and software issues.

    First, let me describe the situation. The server is primary and the only domain controller in the customer's...
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  • Storage Controller driver problem during install

    While trying to install Windows Server 2008 on an HP ML350 G5, it prompts to load a driver for the storage controller. I got the driver off HP's website, put it on a floppy. Server 08 recognizes it on the floppy, but when you got to load it, it disappears. I even tried getting the older driver and it...
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