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  • Deploy software and run scripts after unattended Windows installation

    Hi Everybody,

    I want to create an unattended install of Windows 10 using Windows System Image Manager. I've created an answer file that installs Windows 10 Enterprise fully unattended from scratch. A few questions i hope you can help me with....

    1. My goal is that after the...
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  • dreivilo47
    started a topic Maximized IE window?

    Maximized IE window?

    I use the following syntax to open 3 sites in Internet Explorer, each in another tab:

    $ie = New-Object -ComObject "InternetExplorer.Application"
    $ie.Navigate2("", 2048 )
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  • dreivilo47
    started a topic Best free IDE for PowerShell?

    Best free IDE for PowerShell?

    What is the best free IDE for PowerShell?
    I'm using the standard Windows PowerShell ISE now.
    Are there others which are better and/or have more features?
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  • zrider
    started a topic migration to office365

    migration to office365

    Hi all,

    We are in the middle of moving from exchange to office 365 about 6000 users to migrate

    according to this and many other urls its asking to create csv and follow this template, which works fine for few users.

    "Important PSTs to the correct mailboxs"...
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  • Template and CSV-based Advanced AD User Provisioning Techniques


    I recently came over this video in social media, really good one. Watch out!

    This video helps to learn the easy way of creating AD user accounts in bulk, by importing the data from a CSV file, and also demonstrates how to save the standard values of attributes in a template...
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  • MisterO
    started a topic Import-csv file issue

    Import-csv file issue

    i have a problom to find out the solution to this problem.

    i have a csv file containing a number of rows

    User, Number1,Number2,Code
    user1, 123456789,123456,abcd
    user2, 2345678901,234567,bcde
    user3 3456789012,345678,cdef

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  • remulus27
    started a topic Help with restart VM in powershell

    Help with restart VM in powershell

    Hi All,

    I am trying to solve a powershell project myself but this one requires some skill i dont have (yet).

    Project description:


    We have 100+ users, which uses our vmware view horizon server and connect to get a...
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  • powershell script to disable and enable local user account

    Hello experts,

    Iam newbie to powershell && looking for script to disable and enable local user account

    Can anyone provide me the snipped

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  • RicklesP
    started a topic Running an MSI remotely

    Running an MSI remotely

    I've been chasing this for a week now, and I'm stumped. I have a need to install an MSI, but it can't be pushed thru Group Policy because the prior version was installed during OS deploy, must be manually removed first, and the machine restarted before new install. I've got a script assembled which:...
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  • mtaylor89
    started a topic PS to Disable NIC's that are Disconnected

    PS to Disable NIC's that are Disconnected

    I am looking to make a script to detect all NIC's on the machine, then if "Disconnect" I want to disable those.

    Any Ideas?
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  • sumith.sudesan
    started a topic Hyper v Powershell Snapin

    Hyper v Powershell Snapin


    i installed hyper v 2012 (bare metal installation) and tried to access from windows server 2008 r2 using powershell snapin,

    Any one have the idea about powershell hyper v snapin?

    Could you please tell me which is the powershell snapin?...
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  • alcornj
    started a topic Need help desperately

    Need help desperately

    Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm trying to write a powershell script that's going to run on an Exchange 2003 server. I need to read through EVERY users appointment data, and then generate an email containing certain info from the appointment. Apparently this can be done through...
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  • VERY bad error in Exchange 2013 Powershell

    I have migrated a 2010 server to a 2013 server, and all was well until a backup on the server started tonight. I can't be sure what exactly happened, but for some reason, I cannot connect to owa, ecp, nor can any outlook clients connect. I opened EPS and it gave this error:

    The server...
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  • freaks126
    started a topic LVR (Linked Value Replication)

    LVR (Linked Value Replication)

    I am trying to convert our legacy groups into LVR using a windows 2008 domain.
    I am working on the domain controller trying to use the following script in powershell
    $groups = Get-content $("c:\metadata\groups.txt")
    Foreach ( $group in $groups ){
    @(dsget group "$group"...
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  • Running ActiveDirectory module through a remote powershell session?

    HI all im hoping someone can help me with this. I have some powershell code that I wrote and part of it requires the Active Directory Module commands to run. Basically I have a powershell session running on one server and im connected to the remote machine via its fqdn through powershell.
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