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  • GPO setting for autologoff when user locked the computer

    Hi everyone,

    We have successfully implemented GPO setting for auto logoff after 5 minutes of no user interaction.
    But now we required to implement autologoff the computer when the user locked the system.

    Anyone knows how to do it on windows server 2003 Domain Control...
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  • Sternfan2012
    started a topic Kiosks - policies applying to local admin
    in GPO

    Kiosks - policies applying to local admin

    hi all,

    I am trying to make a kiosk using directions found throughout the web. The issue I am running into is that the further I lock down the kiosk - using local policies (gpedit) - the closer I get to locking out the local admin account.

    Is there a way - using local policies...
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  • RicklesP
    started a topic Domain vs Domain Controller policies
    in GPO

    Domain vs Domain Controller policies

    I'd like an opinion, please.

    I have custodianship of a 2003/XP domain system that was put together by a team, the GPO portion of which was given to the single team member who had no experience or qualification to put it together. We haven't had the luxury of taking it apart to even look...
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  • Public Folders - how to avoid explosion of information

    We are facing a very typical challenge: Our users use Public Folders (Exchange 2010) to share and archive business mails, after few years of usage the public folders’ size became huge and unmanageable.
    My questions are:
    1. Can you recommend a better mechanism to store business...
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  • Software Restriction Policy - New network Zone rule

    When I select New Network Zone rule, there are a lot of options under Network zone. What happens when I choose each of these options?
    Lets say, I select Local Computer and set the security level as Disallowed. What happens when a user logs on to a client computer?
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  • Godtum
    started a topic GPO Create Time Different
    in GPO

    GPO Create Time Different

    When I create a new GPO, and verify it using GPO tool. I am noticing the following:

    Friendly name: Test Policy 2

    Created: 5/16/2011 7:52:37 PM

    Changed: 5/16/2011 7:52:37 PM

    Although it shows that the policy...
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  • magic112
    started a topic Start Menu GPO
    in GPO

    Start Menu GPO

    Hello Everyone,

    I am wanting to create a policy for client computers that gives them a pre-made start menu.

    Is there a particular item or category inside of Group Policy Management that can help me do that? Or will I have to create a new ADMX file?

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  • Workstations firewall disable on SBS 2K8 domain

    Hello everyone,

    All my workstations firewall are turned Off (XP or 7) on our SBS 2008 domain. I looked at the GPO Windows SBS Client - Windows XP Policy and Vista and I think it is enable, but I'm not exactly sure where to look. And it is that way since the migraiton from SBS 2003....
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  • languphil
    started a topic An After-30-minute shutdown script

    An After-30-minute shutdown script

    Hello dear friends:
    I have newly got a job some where as a network administrator.Based on some policies I have to set a script that shuts down clients after they worked with their computers after 30 minutes.I don't know how to write this script.Please help me.I appreciate your help.
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  • Configuring IPSec between Web Server and App server.

    I'm having issues getting IPSec configured between a Web Server on a Workgroup and App server on the Domain.

    I tested IPSec between the to servers using Certificates without port filtration, and I they were able to communicate just fine.
    The web server will only communicate...
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  • dageret
    started a topic ADUC Password Requirements

    ADUC Password Requirements

    We recently set pretty strict password requirements on our Domain.
    I would like to have ADUC be immune to these requirements. This way administrators only can bypass these standards.
    I have seen it work this way in the past I just dont know what I am missing.

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  • Active Directory & Group Policy Changes reporting Tool


    Is there a method, procedure, tool to start the reporting of changes made to active directory and group policy.
    Need to who what and when the changes were made.
    There are a lot of freeware programs but they all have limitations.
    Does Microsoft have its own procedure...
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  • lampa
    started a topic IPS Signature Definitions

    IPS Signature Definitions

    Hello everybody:

    Can somebody help me plase with this issue:

    I have a NM IPS installed on a Cisco ASA 5510. Signature Version is S385.
    Just one Virtual Sensor, one rules and one anomaly detection.

    There are event action override policy rules for high,...
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  • CD/DVD Drive not reading - Domain wide problem

    Seems like in the last two months I get the strangest problems.

    All machines on our network run either XP SP3 or Vista SP1, this problem seems to affect both OSes from what I can tell.

    The problem is you've logged in and decide to toss in a CD or DVD, any type of CD, installation...
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