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  • Office 2010 and shared folder access

    I have a user who suddenly cannot access MS Office 2010 documents on a shared drive. Yesterday it was fine as it has been forever and today he gets an "access denied" error when he tries to open an Excel or Word document on a shared drive. To the best of my knowledge nothing...
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  • RH777
    started a topic User Account Security

    User Account Security

    Our Network Manager in NY created an AD account for guests to use to connect to our wireless network. He said the user account has no rights to anything. My question is: What are the possible risks and/or what can someone with that type of account do on our network? We have a separate SSID for guest...
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  • Domain user lost access to a File server from one PC only, can from other PCs

    Domain user lost access to a File server from one PC only, other users can connect from his computer, and he can connect from other computers.

    Domain user had suddenly lost 2 of his several mapped drives – both to the same File server computer.
    The analysis shows:
    Only from...
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  • Permissions for "Allow" and "Deny" are both checked

    Permissions for "Allow" and "Deny" are both checked and grayed on some folders/files on a Windows 2011 SBS.

    I have no idea how this situation occurred or what to do to resolve it. I am logging in as the administrator / domain admin and have full rights to the domain....
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  • RicklesP
    started a topic GPMC on 2012 mbr to 2008R2 Sysvol
    in GPO

    GPMC on 2012 mbr to 2008R2 Sysvol

    Got one for the real geeks out there:

    Standing up a new system, and have been having problems with GP settings. Have finally tracked down the root problem, but don't understand what's causing it. Searches haven't turned up an answer so far.

    Physical Environment: 4 servers...
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  • Joachim
    started a topic Permissions after mail import

    Permissions after mail import

    Hi there,

    We recently migrated a company from their domain to ours.
    They had an Exchange 2003 server. We are using an Exchange 2010 server.

    On the 2003 server I used ExMerge to export all their mailboxes.
    I copied all the PST's on our new mailserver and imported...
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  • Redirect App Data - Share Permissions?

    Hi all,
    I want to setup folder redirection for Application Data. What I need are the permissions for the server share? I've found info for 2003 server, but I'm using 2008 r2.

    Any info greatly appreciated,
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  • Shiby
    started a topic Prevent use of "Block Inheritance" under GPMC?
    in GPO

    Prevent use of "Block Inheritance" under GPMC?

    Dear All,

    I'm facing a problem with delegation on OU for GPOs that I'm not able to resolve alone.
    I have a domain that contains around 10 children domains.

    The Domain functional level is 2000 native.
    The Forest functional level is Windows 2000.

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  • crowntech
    started a topic Migrating file/print server

    Migrating file/print server

    Hi everyone,

    We are in the process of migrating a file/print server to a virtual platform, the only real difference in terms of OS is going from Server 2008 to 2008 R2. My main concern is having to remap the printers on all of our workstations. The print server role is already installed...
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  • Bluephoric
    started a topic User managed distro groups

    User managed distro groups

    We are having an issue with users being able to manage their own groups via the Outlook client(recently migrated from 2003 to 2010). I am able to do this (non admin account). but many others cannot even though they are the owners of these groups. I have enabled "MyDistributionGroups" in the...
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  • breaker
    started a topic Deny permissions

    Deny permissions


    We are running an SBS 2003 box (with all the latest updates applied) , we have shared a folder on our server for the rest of the network to use.

    Users shouldn’t have the ability to change permissions on the shared folder (none of them have ownership of the shared files...
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  • Moving file to root drive erases owner and security permissions

    First time poster and I have read the forum rules. Please forgive if I forget a rule. I apologize in advance for the block of text. I am attempting to be thorough.

    I am currently having an odd issue with SBS 2008.

    Here are the symptoms:
    -When a file is...
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  • Exchange Recipient Administrator Permissions


    I am in the middle of setting up AD delegation for a group of users who will need to create and modify users, create mailboxes and do other housework within ADUC.

    All seems to be working as it should until I add the security group to the Exchange Recipient Administrators...
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  • error bridging temp file in terminal services

    Application on Terminal Services bridges to a IE web application. The bridge is setup with the link within the program settings.

    What happens in a local environment is the policy is bridged"exported" over to the webapp successfully.

    In the TS environment error...
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  • Jrburge1
    started a topic Active Directory User Home Path

    Active Directory User Home Path

    Hi All,

    I'm tyring to make a Home path for users in my active directory but it doesn't seem to work.

    In the home path section i enter "E:\Home\%username%" and click apply and it acts like it works, but when i go into my E drive and my home folder there is no username...
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