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  • Managing Database Users and Updating

    Hello, I'm going to say I have never worked with SQL Server itself but find myself needing to learn quickly. We recently changed a long over due password for one of our admin accounts on our 2008 [email protected] domain controllers and noticed that account has been getting locked out. We thought we had tracked all...
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  • Ken Barclay
    started a topic Password lost; BIOS uncooperative

    Password lost; BIOS uncooperative

    My system is Windows 7 Home Premium, on a Lenovo 3000H PC. I recently set up a standard account. When I went to use my admin account again ... I couldn't remember it.

    I thought that was no big problem, since I had a system repair disc. When I finally got the blinkum machine to let me...
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  • Blood
    started a topic RDP password prompt

    RDP password prompt


    I've just installed Windows Server Standard 2012 on a new machine.

    Install went OK, joined to the domain OK. Allowed Remote Desktop and specifically added the domain administrator to the list of allowed remote users.

    When I connect to the server via RDP...
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  • erave
    started a topic Password Admin lost

    Password Admin lost

    We have a customer with a Elo XP pc.
    They have lost the password off the local admin account.
    The user account is restricted and has no rights at all.
    The Elo pc doesn`t have a cd-rom/dvd player en when i try to to run password recover tools from an external cd\dvd they don`t run....
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  • CHNTPW started-up but can't access HDD...

    ...the said machine's bootable via the cdrom, usb (2 linux distros & DamnSmallLinux via usb - an old version) & the Floppy drive. The owner needs to run a program inside it but has forgotten the Adm pwd. I think that chntpw hasn't the drivers for that old computer (acquired around 2003),...
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  • Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2013 - OAB asking for username and password

    I'm about ready to pull my hair out.

    AD Domain running on W2K8 r2
    Exchange 2010 SP2
    Office 2013

    When launching Outlook 2013, it is connected, however when it reaches the point where it downloads the OAB, it prompts me for my user...
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  • Wildshane
    started a topic IBM DS3200 Reset Password

    IBM DS3200 Reset Password

    Hi all I'm Shane and am new here.

    I know this is a borderline question to assist with so if people don't want to post a reply can you pm me?

    I need to make some storage changes to our company DS3200, however whenever I access the storage manager software actions I am prompted...
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  • Exchange 2003 Asking for Username/Password. Domain Network

    Hi All,
    I'm hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction.
    Firstly, I made a bit of a rookie move.
    Without investigating first, I jumped right in a demoted my Exchange 2003 server that was a Domain Controller/ Global Catalogue back to a member server.
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  • What are the different ways to apply different password settings to OU's?

    I have a default domain policy setting that is applied to all users in active directory. But I want to apply a different password setting for one OU. I created a GPO and applied to the OU. I even enforced the GPO and Blocked Inheritance on that OU. Still only the default domain policy applies.
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  • Lost/forgotten file password in Excel 2010/Windows 7

    I've forgotten my password for a critical (to me) Excel file. I see that Petri has/had a software that could help, Excel Password Recovery, but I don't see that it will work for Windows 7 and MS Office2010. Anyone know if I can use that software to successfully get into my file? I'm using a PC. Thanks...
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  • neddac
    started a topic PIX515: Swap config help

    PIX515: Swap config help


    I have to swap the config on a PIX515

    I have the new config ready and TFTP Server on a laptop with the correct console connection.

    2 questions;

    1. Are there any pitfalls to swap one config for another one, apart from users losing their passwords...
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  • mrachul
    started a topic Password Never Expires

    Password Never Expires

    Good afternoon,

    I was wondering if there is a way to have the 'Password never expires' enabled for the local admin account during the build phase?

    We are using WAIK to create the answer file and in there is where we change the local admin username and password but I want to...
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  • gustavbat
    started a topic Exchange password needed constantly

    Exchange password needed constantly

    Good day everyone

    Thanks for having a read.

    We're running Exchange 2007 on SBS 2008, and recently I installed a new SSL certificate for our OWA in IIS7, and also applied the certificate in Exchange.

    A few days after installing the cert in IIS, users on the LAN...
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  • bshedenhelm
    started a topic AD accepting multiple passwords

    AD accepting multiple passwords

    Has anyone else ran into this?

    We are running 2003 AD and have a third party portal that authenticates our users through a LDAP bind.

    We have noticed that when a user changes his Windows password he can no longer log into windows with the old password but he can still...
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  • Nbennett
    started a topic School Work

    School Work

    Alright so i'm going to sound pretty stupid but I need as much help as possible. I work on the security stuff for a high school, I was going to do a system-wide update of our security system. Only problem is, it requires an admin account and password, and I forgot both. I don't want to look stupid or...
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