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  • ian_gelder
    started a topic OWA iOS App Offline Access

    OWA iOS App Offline Access

    We have a new install of Exchange 2013 and want to restrict offline access to mailboxes. We have configured Organization Policy Controls to disabled offline use by running:

    Set-OwaMailboxPolicy –AllowOfflineOn NoComputers
    Set-OwaVirtualDirectory –AllowOfflineOn NoComputers...
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  • Siddarth
    started a topic Retrieving data from cache
    in Misc

    Retrieving data from cache

    The following url shows a chart generated by amstock FUTIDX&Series=EQ&CDExpiryMonth=&FOExpiryMonth=26-07-2012&IRFExpiryMonth=&CDDate1=&CDDate2=&PeriodType= 2&Periodicity=1&Template=fo_tame_intraday_closing. jsp...
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  • Network printer's stay offline?!?!

    Heya all, I'm haveing a brainfart here. my PowerEdge 2850 had a small issue and we had to reboot, now all the network printers stay offline. how do i get them back online.. no settings have changed so i don't understand why they would just stay offline. we are using win server 2003 r2.the Print
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  • AndyR
    started a topic Re-Home - New Server not showing up?

    Re-Home - New Server not showing up?

    I'm in the process of moving Exchange from an old server (also DC) to a new dedicated Exchange server. Both servers have Exchange 2003 Enterprise SP2 installed.

    So far I've managed to rehome all public and system folders OK, and have moved my mailbox over and thats working fine. But...
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  • torcar
    started a topic Slow logon to domain profile while not on network

    Slow logon to domain profile while not on network

    I have a laptop with Vista SP2 and a domain profile. (2003 AD)

    Problem is this:

    When I'm at home and logon my profile it takes a seriously long time to logon the profile. I logon to the same domain/profile but the difference is that the computer is not connected to the domain....
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