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  • How to Force For Default reply Account


    We are using Exchange 2003 and at Client End they Using Office Outlook 2010 as Mail Client.

    Currently we are adding One more IMAP account of Other Mail Server. but Whenever we reply to older exchange mail it Shows Exchange Account Every time, after scroling it can ...
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  • ingram
    started a topic Downgrade Office 2010 to 2007, need help getting NK2?

    Downgrade Office 2010 to 2007, need help getting NK2?

    I have a user that is moving computers. She was using Office 2010, and she will be using 2007. How do I get the auto-complete information from 2010 into a NK2 file, so office 2007 can recognize it?
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  • EvgenyX
    started a topic DOCX as ZIP

    DOCX as ZIP


    I am trying to download Office 2007 files (docx) on XP SP2-3 workstations (with office 2007 installed) from IIS6 server (w2003). When I choose to save the file (at IExplore prompt) Save as dialog recognizes docx file as compressed folder. I checked MIME extensions on IIS - all office...
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  • Eoin
    started a topic Office 2007 and CGM files

    Office 2007 and CGM files

    Hi all,
    We have a 2003 Ent SP2 server (TS) and we have Office 2007 installed with all the latest patches for Server and Office.
    I only installed the latest patches for Office at the weekend and now no one can import CGM files into Word. Has anyone found a way around this? I tried uninstalling...
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  • After update of 2008r2 RDS session host to SP1, outlook 2007 crashes on NETAPI32.dll

    I have updated my RDS session host to SP1 over the weekend, and the upgrade wend OK. The only problem is that after the update, outlook 2007 crashes in all sessions with the following message:

    I have reinstalled office, which did not help at all....
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  • MS Office 2007 std, on a 2008R2 RDS session - additional language and proofing tools

    Hi all,

    I have a terminal server, with a bunch of users running MS Office 2007 std in. Some of them have recently been asking for better multilanguage support.

    Since I'm in a select agreement, I've gone into the Volume Licensing Service Center and downloaded the following...
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  • fiaz.shah
    started a topic Office 2007 Calendar default options

    Office 2007 Calendar default options


    Could someone please guide me. I want change change the default option for reminder from 18 hours to what I would really like say 30 minutes. I used the Tools > Options > preferences and thats seem to work fine. But when I am in the week selction and double click the BLUE area...
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  • Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

    I recently removed admin rights from our end user computers (XP Pro-32bit). Everything works great using the "run as" option, except for Outlook 2007. That option doesn't seem to be available for Outlook. Whenever a user launches, they receive an error message stating "Cannot Start Microsoft...
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  • Julez
    started a topic XP Pro SP3 temporary freezing

    XP Pro SP3 temporary freezing

    I'm sorry this will be a fairly vague problem, I as many of you will probably think, yeah that could be anything. And trust me I've looked at a lot of stuff so far.

    Anyway my company's CEO has a Dell D630 laptop, fairly standard configuration.

    XP SP3 installed with pretty...
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