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  • failover and clustering license requirement

    Hello All:

    We are in the process of deploying a terminal server for 300 users on an IBM x3650 M4 with 2 x E5-2620 v2 2.10 6 core processors with 4 x 16GB memories and 2 x 300GB SAS drives on RAID 1. OS: Windows Server 2012 Standard R2.

    My queries:
    1. Can 1 such server
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  • Transfer Office 2013 license to another Microsoft Live account

    When I recently did my first Office 2013 installation for a client, I used my own Microsoft Live account to download and install the software. I now find that the software is "permanently" linked to my Live account. However, I need to transfer the Office 2013 license to a Live account controlled...
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  • redstone
    started a topic Queistions about exchange domain

    Queistions about exchange domain

    I'm a 100% Unix guy but now am being asked to build an Windows exchange server for a small organization.

    Here's what I have.
    1, Server: PowerEdge T310. It will be Domain controller, DNS and exchange server. (I know someone will argue if it's good idea to install DC and exchange on...
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  • SBS 2011 Exchange 2010 Installation Problem. HELPP!


    I will detail the problem as follow:
    1. I did SBS 2011 OLP installation on IBM X3200 M3 Server
    2. All settings default following the wizard steps
    3. SBS 2011 installation wizard completed
    4. After the installation process completed, I noticed error notification...
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  • cotton
    started a topic Terminal Services Licensing

    Terminal Services Licensing

    Hi All,

    First post so go easy
    We have a TSFarm with a TS gateway server and 350 Device CALs. We are hitting our limit on licenses so I've been asked to have a look into this. Off the top of my head 350 licenses is about right as we only have 650 staff and most won't connect from...
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  • Remote desktop sessions license

    Currently we use a remote desktop session to configure a Windows Server 2008.
    But we have some problems using multiple sessions at the same time.
    What is the maximum number of sessions possible at the same time? And how can I allow more sessions? I search't on the internet for extra licenses...
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  • Licensing and moving from 2k to 2k3

    Hello all,

    Have lurked for some time, but this is my first post. I have found some great info on the site, and my thanks goes out to you regular members.

    I work for an educational institution, and inherited a network with 3 Win2k DCs plus several 2k3 app servers about 15...
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  • dipper17
    started a topic VCS or ESX server loses connection

    VCS or ESX server loses connection

    Hi all

    Well, I'm at last getting to grips with Virtual Centre Server 2.5 and ESX Server 3.5. I am running VCS on a desktop machine connected to our network (same as ESX Server). They are both using addresses starting

    Been working on the test setup for a demo...
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  • rikmyr
    started a topic license


    hello all,
    i was wondering what a terminal services license is? i get a lil pop up in the bottom corner by the clock saying license will expire in ... days.
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