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  • r1sh
    started a topic Choose router for medium bussiness

    Choose router for medium bussiness

    Good day!

    I have network with ~ 200 wi-fi and lan users .

    There is one software router right now on Debian on very old pc and I want to do an upgrade.

    By the way i'm going to upgrade all switches on access level to juniper or cisco, deviding all subnet on 5 vlans...
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  • How to Properly Select a Router for a Network

    Okay, This might be a shot in the dark. I have recently been tasked with buying a new router for a small business. I imagine that this is driven by two questions.

    1) What feature set am I looking for?

    2) What are the throughput requirements?

    As far as feature...
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  • Cisco to Juniper VPN - Vendor ID

    Hi Guys,
    I am trying to setup a VPN tunnel between my Cisco 837 (Version 12.2(13)ZH4) and my principal's Juniper on the other side. I can see they talk to each other and exchange keys, but tunnel never goes up.
    As a test, I created another tunnel to Cisco 851 and it worked perfectly....
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  • MPLS L3VPN implementation with Cisco & Juniper routers

    Dear Geeks,
    We are implementing L3VPN in Cisco & Juniper enviornment.
    Please find attached document for details explanation.
    Below are problems faced by us,
    1). Network between CE & PE are not redistributed by other PE router.
    2). Able to see CE's loopback...
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