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  • Securely publishing FTP to the internet ?

    Hi All,

    I wonder what could be the possibilities for sharing files securely on Windows server environment if you are not allowed to use any free services (Drop box,, etccc) and must be securely published to the Windows Client users ?

    what i have in mind are...
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  • ]SK[
    started a topic 2007/SSL/ISA Server

    2007/SSL/ISA Server

    Hi guys,

    I have a question in regards to configuring an SSL for OWA whilst using an ISA Server.

    My customer currently has a broken Autodiscover as they installed the SSL on the Exchange CAS which means the SSL is using Internal Outlook 2007 clients...
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  • Dave_Lincs
    started a topic Can not get Ex2007 / ISA Publishing to work

    Can not get Ex2007 / ISA Publishing to work

    We currently have a Windows 2000 server running Exchange 2000 with Exchange 2000 front end in our DMZ.

    We are in the process of migrating over to Exchange 2007, so we have a Windows 2008 with Exchange 2007 running the mailbox role and a Windows 2008 server with Ex2007 running CAS and...
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  • ncitom
    started a topic NAT on Server 2008

    NAT on Server 2008

    I'm trying to clone a Server 2003 to a new machine using Server 2008. The server's job is to connect the internet to an internal network (using two NICs) allowing VPN in and serving as a NAT firewall outbound.

    I have RRAS (with NAT), DHCP & DNS working on the new machine which is also...
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  • VPN configuration with ASA 5510 and ISA 2006

    Our network currently uses an ISA 2006 server as our primary firewall. Since we have had several problems with it when users try to connect remotely using VPN, we want to configure our ASA 5510 to handle just VPN requests.

    How do we set this up using these settings?

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  • Ex07, ISA, -- OWA+self signed certs, internal PKI

    we planed used selfsigned certificate for authorising our user from I-net to OWA.
    But when we set up to constrain delegation, we had a error 403,12202.

    SPN is set, in the same name in ISA
    All servers are in the same domain
    All certs was made by the same...
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  • KenR
    started a topic URL Blacklist for ISA 2006

    URL Blacklist for ISA 2006

    Can members recommend which URL blacklist sites they have found useful ?
    I am happy to pay a subsription if a paid for service can deliver good quality up to date lists.

    Also looking for import scripts for ISA 2006

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  • need help to setup ISA Server 2006, no internal internet


    I am trying to learn ISA server in my work environment, as I'm replacing a Cisco PIX 506 with this new ISA 2006 box.

    However, I'm having some problems getting it to work.

    It's installed on a fresh copy of Win2k3 standard.

    This server has 2...
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  • Polymar
    started a topic Exch2007 Incoming mail not working

    Exch2007 Incoming mail not working

    Hello everyone,
    here my environment

    Exchange 2003 and 2007 both up working together for the migration
    ISA server 2006 configured with rule to allow incoming/outgoing smtp traffic from/to SMTP servers.

    They worked well for about 3 weeks then yesterday I managed...
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  • Issue connecting to server while on 3rd party VPN

    Our set-up: SBS 2003 Server R2 with ISA2004 Firewall; all latest patches and service packs installed.

    I have a laptop in my network that is on a separate Domain for a different company. This system is also connected with our Exchange e-mail via IMAP. This all works perfectly most of the...
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  • Need help With ASA 5505 ISA 2006 VPN config


    This is my first time here. Nice to be here.

    No to my Q or problem.

    Well I have an VPN L2L tunnel up n running between our ASA5505 and the ISA2006. BUt if you look at the file attached you can see that it is a bit complex.

    My first Q is,...
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  • Setting up exchange 2003 with ActiveSync for Iphone 3G syncing

    I hope I am posing this in the correct forum.

    Everything I can find points to having to use an ISA server for the syncing of Iphones to an Exchange 2003 server (mine is 2k3 std.). I already have a hardware firewall set up with our public IP that sends mail to our exchange 2003 server...
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