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  • ldev
    started a topic determine how much disk is in usage

    determine how much disk is in usage

    How can I tell how much disk is used by a host.

    I have a host with 8 vm's, some are thin provisioned. Im moving these to another SAN
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  • Unable to delete unregistered old VM from the datastore ?

    Hi Everyone,

    When I tried to delete the old VM which is not even registered in the datastore, I come with this error:

    Delete file VMFS_03_LUN
    Cannot delete file [VMFS_03_LUN] WebTest04-VM/WebTest04-VM-flat.vmdk

    it applies to all VMDK, directory, log...
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  • SimonTuffGuy
    started a topic Raid Health in Hyper-V

    Raid Health in Hyper-V

    I've been tasked with trying to provide a health check solution for some of our customers who are running small ESXi or Hyper-V servers. These VM hosts are typically running 1-3 virtual servers. The hardware is across the board from HP Proliant ML370 to a whitebox Seneca Data server with an Intel S5500BCR...
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  • Albertwt
    started a topic Large Physical RDM VM backup solution ?

    Large Physical RDM VM backup solution ?

    Hi All,

    I'd like to explore or have a look around of what might be the good way of backing up my Exchange Server 2007 CCR - Mailbox VM with 10x DB partitions and 10x Log partitions which means I got 20x Physical RDM connection to the direct SAN via fiber channel.

    the total...
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  • Theoretical, real, and realized hardware contraints.

    I have been trying to find ways to determine the amount of VMWare guests an ESXi 4.0 host machine can manage and have not been able to yield very much information.

    I'd like to start of with the certain hardware specifications I've got in mind.
    Dell PowerEdge R710
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  • How to Join ESX Snapshots in only one file ?

    Hi Guys,

    I have a problem in one of my VM... This VM had many snapshots. So it`s crashed and I need to power on this VM again

    Do you know how can I join all this snaps to create only one vmdk file and later I can power on my VM

    Thanks !!
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  • limja
    started a topic Vmware ESX disk space issue

    Vmware ESX disk space issue

    I have just recently installed the ESX3 server.

    I have 2 X 250GB hard drive build in RAID 1 and 4 X 900GB hard drive build in RAID 5

    I am trying to add the 2nd logical harddisk as esx2, however, although the capacity has 2.7TB, the available disk space i have is merely 700GB...
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  • "Upgrading" ESX 3.5 60 day trial to free ESXi 3.5

    Basically, I've been checking out ESX 3.5 on a Dell PowerEdge 2950 III with 2*4 core Xeon 5405's and 8 gigs of ram. I got about 5 vm's in there doing various things, watching load and evaluating user experience.

    I'd like to make this a production server, as the 5 VM's have been running...
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  • dipper17
    started a topic SCSI or SAS Disk for VI 3.0.2

    SCSI or SAS Disk for VI 3.0.2

    Hi all

    This is my first post in this forum and I'm going to ask a really basic question but I have looked and cannot see the answer.

    I have created and used in test for several weeks a VM ESX Server x 2 in VMWare workstation 6 and used OpenFiler on the disk side. Now I've...
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