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  • Win Server 2003 R2 SP2 32bit Internet Connection sharing Error

    I've been struggling all week and can't seem to get the ICS, ccProxy or any other method to get internet to the domain to work.
    I've created a new domain on the server of an underprivileged school so that each student can log in to their own user at any PC. The internet coming from the school...
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  • kack
    started a topic Transfer Win 2008 Server

    Transfer Win 2008 Server

    I have running HP server with windows 2008 enterprise 64 bit server installed and on this server i had configured my domain, DHCP, DNS, Microsoft Exchange 2007 mail, File and Print server. All are working good.

    But now i purchased new server with better hardware configuration...
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  • FSMO Roles after adding W2012 DC to 2008R2 Domain

    Hi Guys,

    Quick question when adding a Server 2012r2 DC to and existing Server 2008r2 domain. Do you need to move FSMO roles to the newest OS/DC version?


    Main Site: 2 * 2008r2 DCs(one of theses have FSMO)
    Branch 1: 1 * 2008r2...
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  • frank.eyckmans
    started a topic AD DC redundancy

    AD DC redundancy


    I've inherited an AD from a colleague who got promoted. It's DC's were 2 Win2003R2 machines (ADDC01 and ADDC02). I've DCPrepped the forest and domain and added a 2008R2 DC (ADDC03).

    For testing purposes, I've disconnected one 2003 DC (ADDC02) from the network and blocked...
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  • sridhar_1985
    started a topic Network Crash of Domain

    Network Crash of Domain

    Dear All,
    I am facing this problem for the first time.
    Details of the Computers/Network - Internet Router - Wireless Router - Canon Printer - Windows 2008 R2 Server Standard Edition to...
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  • RicklesP
    started a topic Domain vs Domain Controller policies
    in GPO

    Domain vs Domain Controller policies

    I'd like an opinion, please.

    I have custodianship of a 2003/XP domain system that was put together by a team, the GPO portion of which was given to the single team member who had no experience or qualification to put it together. We haven't had the luxury of taking it apart to even look...
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  • mohzeni
    started a topic Replicas OR Parent Child

    Replicas OR Parent Child


    I have two site connected by VPN Connection
    Site A
    2 DC (
    Site B
    1 DC Replica (

    I need to change the strategy from Parent and replica to Parent Child Senrio

    What is the best? and The replication between...
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  • MarkJones
    started a topic Multi Site 2008 r2 domain

    Multi Site 2008 r2 domain


    I just want to check with others, that my domain setup is correct.

    I have 2 physical locations joined to each other by hardware vpn(peplink balance devices). Each server/dc can ping and \\ to each other.

    In SiteA I have 2 * 2008R2 domain controllers...
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  • Can you bringing standalone domain controllers into one forrest?

    Hi All, new to this forum and IT.

    I have a question, I am working for a company who would like to setup about 40 Domain that will be standalone (for the time being) these will be Server 2008 R2 running in hyper V (nothing to complicated at the moment).

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  • Exchange 2003: Simplest means of migrating an independent office's users and mailbox

    I am currently working at a large company that wants to migrate the email infrastructure from a small semi independent office on to their group servers. I have been asked to go the site for a couple of days to gather salient information and start putting together a plan to move their mailboxes and domains...
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  • ldev
    started a topic Vcenter from another domain to ours

    Vcenter from another domain to ours

    We have a sister domain we just took over and need to add their vcentre to ours. Whats the process to do this?

    we have the vlans communicating
    they are using load balancing and HA we are not
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  • Blood
    started a topic Domain registrar problem
    in Misc

    Domain registrar problem


    One of the domain names we have regsitered has prematurely expired. The name was due to expire in 2014 but expired last weekend.

    At the beginning of the week I was able to log in to the registar's site and submit a support ticket. I received no answer. I contacted...
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  • willzzzzzzzz
    started a topic Wrong user gpo applied???
    in GPO

    Wrong user gpo applied???


    I have two domains. Most of my computers are on Domain A. A user is logging in to his account on Domain B on one of these workstations.

    Both domains have an "I" drive mapping to a different location.

    Once logged in, this user is receiving...
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  • Spuddy
    started a topic Another couple SMTP domains.

    Another couple SMTP domains.


    We have a single DC and seperate Exchange 2010 server. Our email domain is currently and our AD domain is XYZ.local

    We have started a couple of new companies and acquired the relevant domains. We would like to have the new companies mail to be handled by our existing...
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  • Trust relation between two identical domains

    I have created domain at home with the same name as at work. I also created same administrator's password.
    Reason I did this is because I'm using a laptop and I thought it would be easier if I don't have to enter credentials each time I change environment.
    However, I have a problem now....
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