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  • Tilacin
    started a topic DNS Entries Instead of etc\hosts
    in DNS

    DNS Entries Instead of etc\hosts

    Hello everyone,

    I need to make two public IP addresses to be resolved with particular FQDNs that do not belong to us and our domain.

    As an example: - -
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  • Where should the DomainDNSZone and ForestDNSZone point?

    In our environment we do not utilize the the Microsoft DNS (We have enterprise level DNS appliances for this). Couple that with poor AD administration in the past and I have come upon an issue that I just don't know. When I go into ADSIedit, open the Configuration section, and go into the Partitions...
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  • The trust between the workstation and the domain cannot be established

    Hi guys thanks a lot for ur help,ur help is appreciated .I got a weird trust situation where Windows 7 pc's are most often losing or droping out of the domain and when I rejoin them by first workgroup and back to domain than in few weeks it happens again...Pls any body have a clue on what might be causing...
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  • techcreeb
    started a topic Rodc...Read only controller shutsdown and restarts
    in DNS

    Rodc...Read only controller shutsdown and restarts

    Hi guys, thanks for taking your time to reply.I do appreciate ur answer on this.
    I have a VMware machine Windows server 2012 configure as a RODC that shutsdown and restarts by itself with event ID 6005,6006,6008.please does anyone know what might be causing this issue .....Thanks a lot
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  • Static website To Access Via Internet.

    I have a linksys router wrtg54 and a d-link modem. i have a dhcp enabled because of which i have setup a static ip address which is and subnet and kept the router default gateway and automatically get the dns..
    After installing the windows server 2008 r2 on my system...
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  • lisa804u
    started a topic DNS Scavenging on Windows 2012
    in DNS

    DNS Scavenging on Windows 2012

    Hi All,

    We are running AD Integrated DNS servers and having windows 2012 OS .
    Can any one help me how to enable the DNS Scavenging on specific Zone currently we are running more than
    20 zones in our environment and if we enable then this should not impact others zones in our...
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  • Request sent from DNS server to another DNS server not listed as forwarder

    I have what might just be a lack of understanding of DNS in regards to how recursion works, but the only way to know is to ask and make sure that I know.

    The setup is the following:

    2 DNS servers in one domain (DNSA and DNSB), another DNS server in a different domain (DNS_C)...
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  • Win Server 2003 R2 SP2 32bit Internet Connection sharing Error

    I've been struggling all week and can't seem to get the ICS, ccProxy or any other method to get internet to the domain to work.
    I've created a new domain on the server of an underprivileged school so that each student can log in to their own user at any PC. The internet coming from the school...
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  • Bad internet response and connection after switching Internet provider

    A client with a 2012R2 environment with a Virtual 2012R2 host with essential pack and a second virtual 2012R2 host with Exchange 2013 switch from internet provider.

    They first had an ADSL connection with 3-4mbit down and 600kb up. They switched to a fiber connection with a 50/50 connection....
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  • Wrong DNS entry keeps appearing for internal DC


    We have a bizarre issue whereby our WAN IP keeps being added to DNS pointing to our primary DC (DC01).

    As you can imagine this is causing all kinds of issues. Is there anyway I can see where this record is coming from? I have checked the server itself (DC01) and...
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  • Jscubafbi
    started a topic Cookie issue, fix was flushdns?

    Cookie issue, fix was flushdns?

    I wanted to throw this question out there hoping someone would have some details.

    I recently did ESPN Fantasy Football draft with friends. Everyone in the group but one guy had logged into their account for the first time. The guy that had logged in before, got a popup that said "Cookies...
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  • sb1370
    started a topic DNS Server Doesn't Return PTR
    in DNS

    DNS Server Doesn't Return PTR

    We have a DNS server on a windows server 2012 R2.
    The problem is it doesn't return PTR, When I do a PTR test at or other similar websites they give me this message:
    ERROR: No reverse DNS (PTR) entries.
    We've configured PTR for the domain name in DNS server.
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  • doodleman99
    started a topic AutoDiscovery and DNS

    AutoDiscovery and DNS

    i have created a bit of a problem (Yayyyy!!!)

    our autodiscover has never worked but this somehow has never been a problem(running the test for an outlook 2010 client would fail)?
    i did a little looking into it and in short found thet if i set the AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri...
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  • Active directory integrated DNS for public DNS server

    Found a thread on petri via google; 43834 (won't let me post a link so here is the thread number).

    I am doing the same thing and I want to ensure I am doing the right thing security wise... I can enumerate the domain that they will be on but I am not using the same domain for anything else,...
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  • swapneel
    started a topic What Is Windows Name Resolution Sequence
    in DNS

    What Is Windows Name Resolution Sequence

    We are Facing Some Host Name resolution Issue.

    We have configured a Host With on this we have configured Mailing Application. For this Server1 we added one more DNS Entry its

    Now in Outlook we Giving as outgoing and incoming Server...
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