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  • The trust between the workstation and the domain cannot be established

    Hi guys thanks a lot for ur help,ur help is appreciated .I got a weird trust situation where Windows 7 pc's are most often losing or droping out of the domain and when I rejoin them by first workgroup and back to domain than in few weeks it happens again...Pls any body have a clue on what might be causing...
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  • sedky
    started a topic Setting up DHCP for SG300-10 VLAN

    Setting up DHCP for SG300-10 VLAN


    I have a Cisco SG300-10 switch. The switch has L2/L3.

    I setup 2 VLANs 100 and 200 and setup the switch to Layer 3 mode. Is it possible to have the switch act as a DHCP server for each of those vlans or I need a real router to assign the DHCP addresses?

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  • DHCP - Workstations and Connectivity

    Hello Everyone.

    My company is very small. Not even 200 workstations in house.

    We have 1 DHCP server (Win2008r2) that handles everything with ease. Infact, DNS, DHCP, and Active Directory are all on the same server and it never goes above 30% usage.

    Outside our...
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  • Static virtual ip addresses for Remote desktop services

    I have a Win2k8 R2 Rds server with virtual IP enabled per session.
    I created a new dhcp scope for it
    But the problem I'm faced with is as follows

    when I run an ipconfig on the first session I get
    And then when I do the same for terminal two (T2) I get
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  • Fr0ns
    started a topic DHCP role disappearing.

    DHCP role disappearing.

    Hey guys,

    I've had some trouble installing DHCP at a customer's 2012R2 Essentials server. Every time the installation would fail claiming the server needed a restart. After a restart it still needed a restart and so on.

    After a while I noticed DHCP was installed, the...
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  • swapneel
    started a topic DHCP Server Configuration
    in DHCP

    DHCP Server Configuration

    We have configured DHCP Scope on a Server Windows 2003 R2 32Bit as Follows
    Ip range - to (its is for laptop users Only )
    Now I want to manage reservation for two Laptop for their LAN and WAN IP.

    Laptop1 LAN: (With Proper MAC...
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  • swapneel
    started a topic DHCP on Which Windows Server OS
    in DHCP

    DHCP on Which Windows Server OS


    One of our location e hvae Windows 2003 STD Server, 1 is PDC and 2nd is ADC.
    in our network we dont have DHCP Server ! Now we looking to configure it.

    My Query is Can i Instal it on One of this Server ? or We have a Application Server Windows 2008R2 ? its a...
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  • iomega
    started a topic DHCP server - static only

    DHCP server - static only


    It IS about time i register Petri and join this great community

    Your assistance please:
    I would like to setup my DHCP server to work with reservations only - meaning a mac-address for an ip address only.
    Is there a way for the server to stop...
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  • nsxtas
    started a topic server 2003 ad and dns wizard?

    server 2003 ad and dns wizard?

    thanks for your reply
    i'm as puzzled as you are, hence my posting here.
    Just in the beginning of the process, it stated what should be carried out on the server, and from what i recollect it looked like this:
    "the wizard will now install:
    Active Directory...
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  • phil_H
    started a topic DHCP Superscope issue

    DHCP Superscope issue

    Hi all,

    I have an issue with a newly created superscope on my DHCP server, current config is:

    original IP scope = - this is now virtually full, so i've added a superscope of -

    The network consists of a...
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  • ASA 5510 DHCP with subinterface and Vlan


    I am planning to setup a network which invloves Cisco ASA 5510 as a Firewall, DHCP, layer3 router, sub-interfaces to support vlans. There will be 3 Cisco 2960 access switches which connect multiple stations within corresponding Vlans. Each 2960 switch will be connected to core switch...
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  • VinceD
    started a topic IP Conflict

    IP Conflict

    Hi All,
    I have an Exchange server 2003 with AD installed. I had a hardware failure and was forced to migrate that PC to a second piece of hardware using image capture (Shadow protect) till I repaired it. Once repaired I migrated back to the original Server.

    When I install a fresh...
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  • DNS, DHCP, FILESERVER transition from W2003 to W2008R2 DC's

    New around the forums, but have been reading articles on for quite some time now. First post, apologies for the length.

    We have a stable Windows 2003 Standard network.

    W2003 DC1 on x.x.x.10 - DC, DNS, DHCP, FILESERVER

    We are upgrading the network,...
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  • phewie
    started a topic DNS or DHCP issue?

    DNS or DHCP issue?

    Hi Pros,

    Would like to check with you all on something.
    My DHCP is set to renew every 7 days.
    And my DNS seems like behaving funny.

    I can have 2 computer names having the same IP Address but 1 of it shows the dated was say 1st August and the other 1 is showing...
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  • sbs 2008 WLAN client don't receive IP

    Kind of a weird issue here:

    Customer has SBS 2008 Standard successfully deployed. Server was just rebuilt from scratch April 2012.

    10 Desktops/1 laptop/1 iphone/1 Droid
    Cisco RVS4000 Router
    SBS server
    Dlink AP3200 Access Point

    Since I deployed...
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