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  • vikas.shah
    started a topic DFS Issue

    DFS Issue

    Hello All Techs,

    I am having issue with DFSR. here is an information about my Environment.
    • DC01 - AD, DNS - Domain Function level is 2008

    • DFS01 - Windows Storage Server 2008 - Existing DFS Members

    • DFS02 - Windows Storage Server 2008 - Existing DFS Membe
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  • Network Shared Drive (with DFS) hangs frequently

    Hi all, my office uses network shared drives with DFS replication.
    Lately it hangs frequently, and I cant pinpoint the culprit, checked the event viewer, nothing really point out, even when I searched for the exact timing when the hang happened.

    The server OS is Windows Server...
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  • Canít add dfs namespace server !

    Hi all,

    I canít add dfs namespace server on a dfs existant, i have this message:

    \\\deployment : Failed to open session: username is unknown or bad password is entered.

    Anyone can fix my problem ?

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  • Chris_K
    started a topic ABE not working on DFS server

    ABE not working on DFS server

    I'm running a stand alone DFS server on Windows 2008 R2 that uses Access Based Enumeration. Recently ABE stopped working for us. I checked and it's enabled on all of the shares, but I don't see the option anywhere in DFS so i'm not sure where to troubleshoot. I have tried disabling ABE and re-enabling...
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  • DFS Permissions Child Folders

    DFS has been configured on 3 of our 2008 servers. All of them are 64 Bit but two are STD SP2 and one is R2. I never used DFS before so all this is new. From what I can tell the replication and namespace are working. I have a very simple test structure with just a few folders. The issue Iím having...
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  • Frabit
    started a topic File server and storage gateway

    File server and storage gateway

    Hi all,
    I need your information and suggestion !!!!
    I want to manage distribuited file server to :
    reduce local backup
    manage disaster recovery
    guarantee recovery data
    migrate from Microsoft file server mantaining ACL and NFS permission

    My idea is:...
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  • Kamusksn
    started a topic DFS Question

    DFS Question

    Hello I've my windows server 2008 with DFS service already installed, also I've another server with replication working very well.

    But when I shut down the main server, I can't access to a shared folder, how can I check if my DFS server has a good configuration?.

    I want shutdown...
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  • duncthepunk
    started a topic DFS namespace will not failover

    DFS namespace will not failover

    I am trying to use DFS for file services redundancy. I have set it up replication and but the namespace will not fail over correctly. We only have one site and both servers are in the same subnet. I have other DCs & GCs in the same subnet not listed below.

    Here is the scenario:...
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  • 'System Volume Information' folder is massive...

    I've got a 2008 R2 server that's having some strange issues with retaining old data in the 'System Volume Information' folder and it's eating up a large portion of the disk. Here's how the space is currently allocated... (BTW - I do not have any Shadow Copies enabled and there should be...
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  • rooster
    started a topic Server 2008 R2 SP1 - DFS Issue

    Server 2008 R2 SP1 - DFS Issue

    If this post needs to be moved to another forum - please let me know.
    DFS Installation was OK on DC1 - no issues.
    Using local DNS Integrated AD on DC1 and third party DNS.

    When trying to create a new domain based Namespace from within the DFS Management console
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  • Spuddy
    started a topic DFS Issue.

    DFS Issue.

    Dear All,

    I have a DFS issue. I have two sites with one DFS namespace and two referring members which are both enabled. One member server at each site.

    For whatever reason, when I browse the dfs data share, it retrieves from the remote site and not the local copy. But the sysvol...
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  • \sysvol not available on one server


    I have several domain controllers (2008 ), all with DFS installed.
    The folder \\ domain.fqdn\sysvol is available on all servers except for one.
    The server that is having problems is a 2008 with latest SP installed.

    I get an error message saying that...
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  • DFS Domain Level Namespace authentication

    Hi guys

    First post and all that although I've used info off of this board for a long time, so thank you.

    I have just decided to rebuild the DFS from using R1 single server based DFS to Domain based using R2. I've set up the namespace servers on 2 sites over 4 servers (2 servers...
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  • DFS to backup folder on another network range?

    Hi All,

    One of my DCs which also hold all user documents also has the LTO4 drive we use for backups and backs up all the server over night. Works great.

    Question is we also have a development network on a separate IP range which has its backups taken by Veeam and dumped to...
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  • Problems with users login to Domain

    I have a problem when i try to log on from my pc to AD in the domain.
    When i boot the pc, and enter username, password and domain to which i want to log on, i need to wait 3-4 minutes, at Applying your personal settings... pop
    up. After that i can log on, but when i check logs on my pc,...
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