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  • cloud computing simulation environment for project

    I am an Engineering(M.Tech) final year(3rd sem) student. I am doing project in cloud computing as DBaaS(Database as a Service). I have confident idea about the

    concept. But i don't know how to simulate the concept in cloud. For PG student level Which cloud computing simulation environment...
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  • New Local Move Requests Appear Out of Nowhere!


    It's been a while since I've posted.

    I have a mind boggling situation here and I can't find anything on Google about it so I am reaching out to the fine folks here at Petri

    Here's the situation:

    We are in the process of migrating...
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  • RobbieIT
    started a topic Byod


    i was wondering if there's a room here that talks a little bit about BYOD and all?
    mdm? virtualisation and costumarisation of IT.
    I've been "Caught" and i'm intrigued so i'd like to read from other it people how they manage the whole thing.

    thank you...
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  • lovemyindia
    started a topic Dns


    Hi Everyone
    i need a one help from your side, duderock.*.* website hosted in cloud ( & my local domain name duderock.*.* (both are same name)so client system and server( 2008 OS ) unable to access website kindly help as
    Many Thank

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  • Kenzii
    started a topic Cloud Services - Active directory?

    Cloud Services - Active directory?

    We are setting up a test lab for hosted cloud services. The idea was that we have a single Domain Controller, with a OU for each company, and when the search for users - they only see members of that OU.

    I dont understand how exactly we would go about setting this up. For example....
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