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  • ThomasBlacknewcastle
    started a topic Trying to make shortcuts on desk

    Trying to make shortcuts on desk


    Not sure where to post this so sorry if in wrong place

    Thank you for reading my post. I am brand new to scripting so my apologies if this is rather basic But everyone starts somewhere.

    We are running Windows 7 desktop on a 2003 Enterprise...
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  • wonderbread
    started a topic New to Batch scripting

    New to Batch scripting

    I'm new to batch scripting and I'm trying to write a command that will remove the first four lines of a file.
    The end goal is to have the program find the file, get rid of everything in the file except a list of numbers, and add save the new file. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  • wmic product where "name like 'test%%'" call uninstall /nointeractive

    I run this script to remove old "crap" (then deploy the newest version with GPO):
    echo.uninstall (old/previous) Adobe ShockWave/Flash...
    CALL "\\dc01.lksvdd.local\netlogon\Log_management.bat"
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  • edwite777
    started a topic Please help with code

    Please help with code

    If someone could please help me with batch script code to do the following I'd appreciate it.

    I have a comma delimited text file called "stats_record.txt" that contains about 10,000 lines
    each line is in the following format with different values for each field in each...
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  • how to read variable names from user input within a batch script?

    I would like to edit a batch command file so that the last parameter, is updated by the user, and, the batch file checks whether the file exists and is accessible before running the command:

    CD "\Documents and Settings\Jon\workspace\JavaDev\corejava7\v2\v2ch4\ ExecSQL"
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  • Batch Script: Delete files based on files listed in a text document

    Hi Guys & Gals,

    Got an odd one that I'm hoping some guru out there can help me with.
    I have had a request by one of my colleagues to add functionality to a batch script I have written for a client.

    We want to be able to delete music files based on file names in...
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