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  • Ruby974
    started a topic Backup host + VM

    Backup host + VM


    I have a windows server 2016 std with hyper-v role.

    I'm running 2 VM :
    - 1x windows 2003 server R2
    - 1x windows 2016 server

    What is the better way to backup my Host and the two VM ?

    Thank you very much for all your replies.
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  • mikeed
    started a topic SQL serve 2008 R2

    SQL serve 2008 R2

    Hello Expert,

    I am looking for basic information on SQL server 2008 Backup process

    All i ended up with information after simple Google is : take/use .bak file to take backup

    Can anyone help me to understand , if i can take backup of direct DB files instead...
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  • Preventing Win 8 backups to server 2012


    Is there a way to prevent the automatic backups of Windows 8 PC's when joining them to a domain on a 2012 R2 server?

    This sounds like a great idea until the hard drive fills up with images of 15 or so Windows 8 PC's, each with a 1 TB drive..

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  • steve9000
    started a topic Backing Up Virtual Drives

    Backing Up Virtual Drives

    HI Everyone,

    I have a server running Server 2008 R2 and it has 3 virtual machines on it. What I do is run a bare metal backup on the server every other day but I am not sure if the virtual machines are truly being backed up unless I run a complete disaster recovery.
    From some research...
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  • alexandru1900
    started a topic Backup problem

    Backup problem

    A few days ago I started to get error messages on my daily backup (windows backup program) Full backup

    Recovery Completed
    D: Completed
    P: Backup failed to complete 6Gb of 173 Gb
    C: ...
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  • The backup operation that started at "" has failed with following error code '2155347

    Any backup that includes system state is failing. We are using Backup Exec 2012 but during troubleshooting are now just trying to backup the system state using Windows Server Backup and consistently get this error. I also get the error running from CLI but there are no logs created. Windows SBS 2011...
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  • Windows Server Backup fails to backup Exchange Server 2010 SP3

    I have a SBS 2011 standard with Exchange 2010 SP3 (rollup 2).
    The complete windows backup (using Windows Server Backup) reports an error on the Exchange backup: "The application will not be available for recovery".

    On the event viewer I found two MSExchangeIS error...
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  • bobrivers
    started a topic SIS on Server 2008 R2

    SIS on Server 2008 R2


    I am running Windows Server 2008 R2 and have just implemented Single Instance Storage on our main volume.

    On this volume we only backup 6 business critical folders out of a total of about 15.

    The reason we backup only 6 business critical folders is...
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  • nbirnbaum
    started a topic bare metal backup for 2008r2

    bare metal backup for 2008r2

    Hey all,

    We're setting up a Remote Desktop Server for a client. They want to buy two identical server units so that if one dies, their downtime will be minimized.

    Of course, this requires configuring a good backup system that can has pretty quick bare metal restore capabilities....
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  • SBS 2008 missed scheduled Backup

    The standard SBS 2008 backup is scheduled to run on a client's server at 8pm every night. This had been running with no major problems for nearly three years. The next backup time always shows up correctly on the SBS console when checked earlier in the day. The problem is that the backup schedule is...
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  • raymann
    started a topic Single Server ESXi 5 backup

    Single Server ESXi 5 backup

    I wanted to get someones thoughts and possible solutions on back up procedures for a single server running ESXi 5.0.

    Can i backup the VMs or do I have to continue using backup procedures within each VM OS as if it were a physical machine?
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  • Eiehler
    started a topic Backup Device Solution

    Backup Device Solution

    Our HP 1/8 LTO2 Autoloader has a power failure. I thought it would just be a case of changing the power board but HP want to change the whole assembly for about 1k. It's not in warranty so now might be the time to look at other devices/systems, currently using Backup Exec 2010 R2

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  • crowntech
    started a topic Backup Hyper-V system

    Backup Hyper-V system


    So I've been tasked with coming up with a game plan in the event of a hardware failure on our main virtual server. The config is basically Hyper-V running 3 VMs (Server 2008 ) on a local attached storage. The game plan is to roll out a SAN, stash the VMs on the SAN, and have a...
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  • crowntech
    started a topic Isolating live system

    Isolating live system

    Good morning chaps!

    So I've been tasked with having an identical system up and running at any given moment in the event of a hardware failure on our main production server. Our production server is currently running Hyper-V and I would like to transition to VMware. The long term goal...
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  • crowntech
    started a topic Backup to VHD wasted space

    Backup to VHD wasted space

    Hi everyone,

    Just want to give a bit of background so you understand the issue better. We're running Hyper-V Server 2008 with 3 Server 2008 VMs. We currently have them do weekly backups to external hard drives that are directly attached to the Hyper-V host machine. We dedicated an external...
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