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Can you please explain what ‘PLC’ is? I know what it means from a business name perspective (Public Limited Company, as in ‘Tesco plc’), but I’m not familiar with a system with that name.

By far the easiest method to fix this is to get rid of the duplicate names, as joeqwerty pointed out. More complex but just as valid is breaking the 2 floors into separate VLANs. If they don’t need to communicate between floors but both floors need to be able to see a DMZ (and assumed an external gateway), then the VLANs and routing controls do exactly that. A DMZ is, in effect, just another subnet that you control traffic into/out of, and you already do that.

It’s obvious you aren’t using a domain system to centrally manage any of this, because duplicate names simply cannot be used. If there are any discussions about implementing a domain, even if you do separate the floors by vlans, the duplicate names issue will still require name changes before all devices can be joined up. Best to get that done now and beat the Christmas rush!:wine: