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Highl1;176611 wrote:
Smooth, fast, stable. Every dev application I tried works so far (VS 2K5, VS 2K8, Dev partner studio). Only notable problem so far is with Symantec EndPoint, which reports some kind of .exe from time to time, but it can be disabled not to notify you. Program itself works normally, updates regularly with the main corporate server.

Also, no notable problems in Windows 2003 Domain

Quick Question for you on the SEP side. Can you RightClick on a folder and scan it on the fly? For some reason i can’t do this on the 64bit version of RC. Honestly i haven’t tried it on 32bit. My co-worker that handles all the anti-virus stuff said he did see something about that on the symantec forums. I was just wondering. Just DLed enterprise version from our VLA site and will be trying it out next week. So far my main work horse is x64 RC client. LOVING it.