Re: Windows 2003 Server not saving Active Directory


Re: Windows 2003 Server not saving Active Directory

Dumber;59563 wrote:
That’s not true. Please just try it at least. IF AD comes up faster then DNS you could find those problems.

Done. What should I check now?

Dumber;59563 wrote:
Forget those clients.. You should troubleshoot on the server

I know… but how do I re-register the server into the dns?

Dumber;59563 wrote:
Can you post the NLtest /?

C:Archivos de programaSupport Tools>nltest /?
Usage: nltest [/OPTIONS]

/SERVER: – Specify

/QUERY – Query netlogon service
/REPL – Force partial sync on BDC
/SYNC – Force full sync on BDC
/PDC_REPL – Force UAS change message from PDC

/SC_QUERY: – Query secure channel for on
/SC_RESET:[] – Reset secure channel for on <se
rverName> to
/SC_VERIFY: – Verify secure channel for on

/SC_CHANGE_PWD: – Change a secure channel password for
/DCLIST: – Get list of DC’s for
/DCNAME: – Get the PDC name for
/DSGETDC: – Call DsGetDcName /PDC /DS /DSP /GC /KDC
/DSGETSITE – Call DsGetSiteName
/DSGETSITECOV – Call DsGetDcSiteCoverage
/PARENTDOMAIN – Get the name of the parent domain of this machine
/WHOWILL:* [] – See if will log on

/FINDUSER: – See which trusted domain will log on
/TRANSPORT_NOTIFY – Notify netlogon of new transport

/DBFLAG: – New debug flag

/USER: – Query User info on

/TIME: – Convert NT GMT time to ascii
/LOGON_QUERY – Query number of cumulative logon attempts
/DOMAIN_TRUSTS – Query domain trusts on
/DSDEREGDNS: – Deregister DNS records for specified host

/BDC_QUERY: – Query replication status of BDCs for
/SIM_SYNC: – Simulate full sync replication

/LIST_DELTAS: – display the content of given change log file

/SHUTDOWN: [] – Shutdown for
/SHUTDOWN_ABORT – Abort a system shutdown