Re: Windows 2000 server doesn’t boot after KB954211


Re: Windows 2000 server doesn’t boot after KB954211

Thanks for the reply and sorry for my poor English.

I hadn’t the time to look at the event log and will be the first thing I’ll do on monday morning at work (from here I can’t access the system), but I think that I’ll not find anything because the event log service didn’t started before I pushed the power button. In the past days it happened already one time (but then I couldn’t identify the exact patch causing the trouble – windowsupdate installed 6 updates) and then the system stayed at night and alone for at least 8 hours in such state, starting without start.

On the blue screen there wasn’t any message also because it was not a crash or stop blue screen but a light blue graphical screen that normally comes before the logon window or the window saying that services are starting or the system initializing.