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Re: VLANs on an RV082 router

Just got off the phone with linksys support. The guy spent 90% of his time trying to sell me a switch. first he said that the RV082 does not support VLANS at all. Then when he pulled up a config page for the router, I showed him where it was at in port management and he then tells me that it does not facilitate inter-vlan routing. Unfortunately that was a giant waste of time. He recommended that I get a layer 2 switch with layer 3 functionality.

I did some more testing and, if I used a static ip instead of trying to get one through dhcp, it connected but would not let me browse the internet. I still can’t figure out why the DHCP relay isn’t working. If it isn’t for this, what is the point of it?

…and, would a switch with vlan support solve my problems? How would that work?