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Well let’s take this one problem at a time.

you said you have one 20gb(c: ) and one 4gb(e: )

are these partitions? what are partitions? one hard drive split into different parts. best explanation 1 house 2 rooms. u cant move the room without the house.

if not, are C and E separate drives?

just wanted to get that out of the way. now, regardless weather you have one drive with 2 partitions or 2 hard drives the solution is simple. re-install windows. since you’re going from Pro to Home you will not be able to simply switch CD Keys. unless i’m really talking out of my butt here CD keys are differ from Pro to Home.

what you will have to do is save all files you want to save on E: (which i think you’ve already done) good.
then put in your XpHome cd. don’t worry about what comes up. just close any windows that come up. restart your computer. with any luck your boot sequence will still have CD-ROM as the first option (if your computer has a different boot sequence you’ll have to go into the bios and change it so that your computer looks at the CDrom first at boo tup) and your computer will tell you at the top left screen

Press ANY key to boot from CD

press any key

this will launch you into WinXP installation.
follow instructions and you will get to the part with the partition/ hard drive setup
highlight C: and only C: and delete it
now once C; gets deleted highlight Free Space and hit enter
in the next screen choose Format Using NTFS
let it run its course
let the installation finish
boot into windows
install any necessary drivers that windows may not pick up
activate your copy of XpHome
register your copy of XpHome
home free.
start reinstalling your programs as you wish.

i think that should answer your question. let me know if i am totally off base here.:beer: