Re: UAC administrator access denied


Re: Administrator

it’s called User Account Control, or UAC. It’s the same as in Vista or Win7.
you could also try “Run as administrator”

when logged on as domain admin, you DO still have full access to te server, and you can do whatever you want. It’s jsut some things, require elevated privileges. This is a Good Thing.

It prevents novice sysadmins from doing stupid things without realising.

The OS DOES work, and it does work, on an intelligent security model. In fact, it works on a similar model to unix (where most people never logon as root, and instead use sudo or su to perform elevated commands.)
This is one of the reasons why historically, there have been far less system-level security violations of unix based OS compared to Windows – it’s much harder to get something to run at that level.

Microsoft are starting to move away from the “this is my computer, let me do what I want” model and towards a more secure model.

If you WERE Worrying about security, you’d realise that malware spreads when it has unfettered action to system locations. So you’d realise it’s a good thing that the OS takes action to prevent it happening by default.